News: Warning to P3D Orbx Users

Informed by Ray and Michael that some (or many) Orbx addons have problems loading into the new Prepar3D 2.5 version.   I didn’t aware of that too.   Luckily that I didn’t have time to do the installation after downloading the new version earlier this morning.   Orbx is working on a fix.

Do note there are other incompatibility issues reported by other users regarding the new version 2.5 in Comments section of this post below.

Better hold your installation for now if you haven’t done so.

11 thoughts on “News: Warning to P3D Orbx Users

  1. More problems,

    I tried running FSdreamteam GSX, this was indeed installed and working.
    But p3d was closing down after 6-12 minutes. I tried serval times restarting p3d,
    same shit happens.
    Tried to download the newest version, but still the same problem.
    So I un installed GSX and then the problem was solved!!!
    May bee they will come up with a version that works with p3d 2.5.

    Also installed the p3d hotfix, but after installed this I continuously have the popup
    windows, telling me to update my Object Flow dll, I have updated all accordingly
    to ORBX libs. version 150215 etc. etc., but seems that p3d couldn’t care less!!
    This is a pain ………… I don every thing right after the book.
    I would like to remove this hotfix, but I DID NOT KEEP A COPY OF THE OLD FILES!!!
    I was trusting that LM was doing this right!.
    So to LM I will just say, please tell us what to do to fix this, thanks.

    This is off course only a few bugs, among all the others that we solved by
    our selves – hi. Hopefully there will be no more bugs in the future. I said hopefully!!



  2. Hey Nriveria, and Cragi;

    Yes there was a lot of different problems with the new version 2.5.
    I managed to fix some of them, as mentioned in earlier on this side.

    But I’m up running fully with all orbx and other addons, no problems and
    every thing looks very nice and sharp. No blurries at all, but I’m still using
    a Batch file to clear my shader file, before starting p3d.

    The only thing (disputes) left is:
    Still have issues with Object flow dll. even after updated to the newest version,
    coming from orbx.
    Thunder flashes looks like some thing from another world, too big bolts it’s nasty to
    look at!!

    But yes, LM should been able to make this new updates to run with orbx, as they well
    no that many of us running orbx. Too many disputes, and not all simmers can be PC experts!!! Why run a Beta Test period! when they still give us all a hard time!.

    Hope that You all will get this version up to work, but write me, I just maybe could give
    You a little help.



  3. I am very disappointed with P3D2.5. What was the hurry of releasing P3D 2.5 ? Why did they not work with their developers to correct their products? What is the purpose of alpha and beta test if the developers don’t get a chance to fix P3D2.5 changes? It makes no sense what Lockheed Martin is doing.


  4. An Issue with V2.5 as reported prior by Geert Holgersen with the Scenery.cfg and Terrain.cfg files is a bit more convoluted. I made sure both files existed in the P3D root as well as the ProgramData data folders. When I installed ORBX (with the P3Dv2_150215 patch) one file or the other was being updated on both folders. So when installing ORBX you have to cross copy the files so they can be up-to-date on both folders. In Addition, ORBX was overwriting coastlines (beaches) with ‘Scissor cut’ edges instead of the sandy look they normally have. The frame rate did seem to improve nicely but many other things got broken. I have gone back to V2.4 and watching the chatter.


  5. P3D v2.5 problems!

    First I will say, I’m not sure whether this is the right side or not, to place my comments and developments with P3D v2.5!!??
    But I’m up running fully with the sim, and all my ORBX working world wide, no problems at all!
    But every time starting up my sim I will have this message: ObjectFlow.dll has not been tested and will not work with fs version 2.5.12942.0, running the test will make the sim to crash, right away!
    My MyTraffic_3D_Professional_54c, will not work, tried the traditional way used at v2.4,
    but seems to be without any luck!! They simply changed the way that this program are to be loaded! A new setup , but where to do this I’m still not found.
    Opus weather program working fine now!

    So apart from the above mentioned issues, it seems to work oki doki.

    I was too naive, with this new updates,as I was of the opinion, that after LM have been running there Beta Test, all would be nice and dandy. This was not the case!

    Let me no, if I’m at the wrong page (forum) thanks.



  6. ORBX and P3D v2.5, apart from all other errors i have with version 2.5, I must say that all looks very fine running with all my orbx addons, no blurry so fare and a FPS abt. 45 -60, not bad!!
    When this have been said, I’m very disappointed, I mean they have been running a beta test for some time, and still they comes out with a program with a lot of errors.
    I don,t want to be back on ground zero!! and start all over again.
    I will stop my work with v2.5 for to day, may be working on it again to morrow!

    Thanks and good night


  7. I have a hard time with this v2.5 but found that the newest FSUIPC version indeed works okay!! One problem less!
    MyTraffic_3D_Professional_54c, seems to be loaded ok, but dos not work at all.
    Also I discovered that they made changes under MAIN in the CFG file, so maybe it’s where my problem is, the SimObject Paths not there as before, usual insert the line ::SimObjectPaths.9=MyTraffic\Aircraft :: But no luck! At this moment I’m lost, but will work on it, as there got to be a way around these problems.



  8. Well here we go again, loading FSUIPC 4937 prepar 3d modules, make the sim crash!!
    As the warning says, this is not compatible with your version of P3d!!!
    So maybe there will be a new version of FSUIPC other vice there will be addons that we can’t work with.



  9. It is a shame that the P3d developpers did not take care of the compatibility of existing ORBX addons with version P3 v.2.5. Furthermore, on the P3D website they frequently post advertisement for ORBX products and thus they cannot pretend that they did not realise that there was a compatibility problem. Very bad consumer’s service! If I was the boss of the company I would readily fire the people responsible for this mistake…


  10. P3D v2.5 problems, have just send out a message, how to get orbx running!!!

    But there is another problem with Dynamic object placement module.
    ObjectFlow.dll has not been tested and will not work with fs version 2.5.12942.0,
    If You run the test Your P3D v2.5 will crash!!!!!!!!!!!
    Any of You no how to solve this problem????



  11. Hey, Yes You right that orbx will not install on the new P3D v2.5. The reason is that the Terrain and Scenery CFG’s is not placed in the root of v2.5, but to be found at the C:\ Programdata\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v2.
    Take a coppy of both CFG files and place them at the root of P3D v2.5, and VIOLA it works!!
    Now, You run orbx global base and after it’s installed You must take a coppy of both CFG files in the root of P3Dv2.5 and place them back in to C:\Programdata\————.
    Do that for each time You run any files who’s connected to thes 2 CFG file!!!
    I’m up running with V2.5 and all my addons from orbx, and I got all most all of them!



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