269: Enhanced Fuel Gauges

This is the enhanced version of the existing Integrated Fuel Gauges based on my project revealed in Post 216: Squeezing In.   In addition to the Fuel Selection Lever and other fuel related options added to it, codes have been optimized as well.


Note that this enhanced version is not a must-have replacement if you are happy with my existing gauges already.  It is because this one is not free as well, and so will be the remaining four C172 integrated gauges to be released in the next six months.

However, since most of the complicated works have been done to the basic version, price of this enhanced version will be half of the just released Altimeter with VORs or VS Indicator with ADF gauge.  Moreover, the price will be further discounted in the next couple of days until Sunday (Nov-30) due to the coming Thanksgiving.

Are these new gauges priced a bit high?   Frankly, No — if you have created gauges yourself before, you will understand how much time and energy I have put on them.   Moreover, as said earlier, this enhanced version is not a must-have replacement to the existing free version.   The free gauges are already good enough doing their jobs competently.

So, for anyone interested to add a finer touch to the basic version could click HERE for details.   Download links will be sent via email within 48 hours once notice received, unless I am not around the workstation.

The next integrated gauge probably won’t come until early 2015.  And it’s very likely to be the Heading Indicator.



10 thoughts on “269: Enhanced Fuel Gauges

  1. Tom The enhanced gauges look very attractive. I do not have the original basic. Would the enhanced version work if these are the ones I bought?

    Gulam Harji, P. Eng, MBA, General Manager, Hood Packaging Corporation, Industrial Plastics Group


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