261: My GPS Has Finally Arrived

A bit busy these days and still a bit stuck in the recent holiday mood.   Anyway, my long-waited GPS for my long-planned cockpit rebuilding is finally in place.  It’s the GPS-5 from VRinsight.

VRinsight GPS-5

Briefly connected it to both FSX and P3Dv2 systems last evening for integrity check and found it working best with FSX even though there are alignment issues to be solved due to my multi-monitor surround view setup.   In general, operation is quite smooth.

On the contrary, my existing 30 something framerates with P3Dv2 has significantly dropped more than a half to less than 15s.   Not sure if it’s the multi-monitor causes the issue or other incompatibilities.  Suggestions from P3Dv2 users are appreciated.

Will report back on the device once my other distractions are loosen.

Though the GPS-5 itself is sturdy, installation instructions are not well-written I must say.   Moreover, some information described are out of date.


16 thoughts on “261: My GPS Has Finally Arrived

  1. Hi Tom, you tried to set the GPS5 without VRinsight software to use it in other planes (from others Developer) ??
    I read in forums that there are people who have shaped the reality xp software GNS 530 on the screen of GPS5 and thus make functional use in all aircraft…


      1. and you could use it in full screen? just like you have 3 monitors and the requirement that the software asks you VRinsight is only to be used in windowed mode, which takes away greater reality to the installation. You know somehow that does not happen?


    1. Hi Nicolas

      I’d just like to confirm what Tom is saying is correct and contrary to what VRinsight tell you, you can indeed use the GPS-5 in full screen mode, admittedly its a bit of a process to do that I now consider part of the pre flight check list for more immersion each time I use it … I learned the trick from an early Avsim review I think it was? but when I use it again I’ll write down the steps to do for an Nvidea card (should be the same for AMD?) and post here, it soon becomes second nature though … not sure if a batch launch file could be created for this? and the more I think about it I do not think that would be possible as it involves physically dragging and positioning the FSX GPS screen to the VRi device … but never say never and that would be great if possible.

      The only real down side of the VRi GPS-5 I found was with using photo scenery, but that effects the native FSX GPS too, fully FTX’d here now though and at the end of the day the VRi GPS is just another screen (2nd screen) with realistic buttons … very immersive item that can occasionally be found cheap second hand on Ebay that is how I got mine, just put VRinsight VRi and similar into your search parameters and if one is for sale you’ll be notified along with their other products.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Happy New Year!
    I’ve been using the GPS 5 for 2 years now with a single monitor. Now i switched to triple monitor (+one for the GPS 5), and i have a very strange problem.
    When i run SerialFP2, the correct windows install onto the gps screen, buttons are functioning, but the Saitek yoke, rudders, TPM and trim wheel just freeze. I can only use the buttons on the yoke itself (for switching views). Is this a serialFP2 – fsuipc problem?

    Best regards,



  3. Hi Tom

    I’ve owned a VR Insight GPS5 for about 3 years now I think? I did notice a frame rate drop upon using it but the end result in FSX was acceptable to me (not a P3D user any-more) I’m not the kind of guy who does extensive bench-testing if the end result is decent FPS and fluidity in FSX, its just my way, not criticising anyone who does this.

    I’ve actually not used my GPS in almost a year though for one reason another, but with a new desk set up and new PC build I’ll be trying it again very soon … My new PC build is actually an Intel i7 Haswell E 5960X 8 core (on X99 platform) and whilst this CPU’s extra cores don’t seem to help FSX much (HT off but correct affinity mask setting in .cfg for 8 cores) its L2 20B cache does, either that or the DDR4 ram extra bandwidth? for sure FSX performance seems to be significantly improved over my previous i7 3960X (six core) DDR3, both systems have 16GB 4 channel ram, both with exact same Win 7 64 Ultimate OS and using Kostas FSX guide and with exact same GTX 780 for now, so will be trying the VRi GPS again in the next few days.

    I agree the instructions are not the best, something lost in Korean translation perhaps? when I received mine I sought out an Avsim review of the product and this was helpful to me in that the reviewer mentioned how to use it in fullscreen mode, the default and only VR Insight recommendation is in windowed mode, so you might want to look for that review and try those instructions along with your own experiments that I’ll follow closely.

    One last comment, recently received a nice 9″ Ipad touch-screen as a present, noticed there are many apps for this device that can be used with FSX now, might try a touch-screen GPS one (if there is one?) if I still find my experiences with the VRi GPS5 frustrating when I try using it again shortly.




    1. Hi Colin,
      You are right that GPS5 runs acceptably under FSX. On mine, it is more than acceptable and I don’t feel much difference with or without it.
      Wow, an eight cores! Amazing.
      Yes, there are quite some iPad apps that mimic GPS functions. Unfortunately, don’t find any app that faithfully replicate button functions found on the GNS500 or similar device yet. All current apps are basically moving maps.


  4. Hi Tom

    Its true that frame rate drops on using GPS displayed on separate monitor.

    As an AATD manufacturer we have designed GP500 . If designed to display on original size as real GNS500 frame rate drops in FSX as well as in P3D v2 also.

    Solution : downsized by 20% of original GNS500 display . Now frame rate considerably improved.

    Our GP500 image attached.

    Regards Ramesh

    Warm Regards

    Ramesh .R


    1. Hi Ramesh, thanks for the note but don’t see your GP500 image. Downsizing GPS could be a solution but obviously not an acceptable one; unless no other way out. Anyway, will keep your suggestion in mind while looking for other possibilities.


  5. Hi Tom, Thank you for your updates. I have been neglecting FSX for a little while after securing an Oculus Rift DK2 and enjoying Elite Dangerous too much. I’m just blown away with the 3D an full immersion. While experimenting I’ve found there is a situation that the CPUs are turned off with something called core parking, ostensibly to save power! There is a program about to keep all CPUs on all the time. This improved my frame rates very much. Please google it and try for yourself. Let us know how you get on. Best regards Peter NZ.

    Sent from my idevice.


    1. Hi Peter,
      Tried the core parking you suggested. Not much help to the framerate drop issue. Neither the over performance is increase since I had my system running in 100% CPU load already. Anyway, it’s a nice utility which should help others who haven’t set their computer accordingly.


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