259: Scenery Renumbering Utility

I always want my scenery addons to be arranged in the proper order I prefer.   So I wrote this SceneryRenum utility to carry out the job efficiently.

For example as shown below that I want to move the Hong Kong Kai Tak addon entries from Area 219 and Area 220 to
SR01the locations right above Addon Scenery entry at Area 138 in the scenery.CFG file.

I just need to cut and paste the entries to where I want them to be and save the file, and then run the utility.   Area numbers in the scenery.CFG will be reorderd accordingly.   As simple as that.


It works on both FSX and P3D platforms.   Also, up to three last backups will be created whenever the utility is run.


From today Sept-1 to Thursday Sept-4 these 4 days, SceneryRenum is available for download directly by clicking the utility’s icon above — as FSX Times has just passed its Fourth Anniversary.

After the period, download link will be provided ONLY upon requests to FSX Times Subscribers as usual.  It is now available for download from the Freeware section in my FIP Gauge Store.

15 thoughts on “259: Scenery Renumbering Utility

  1. Looks like a great tool – would it be possible to get a copy of this please Tom?

    Been following your blog for some time and with your tweaks you made my sim much smoother and easier to manage.



  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this application.
    Just a remark: there’s a problem of code page with no us/english language; you should manage this if possible because for example with a french scenery.cfg file, accentuated characters are lost.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Jerome,
      Thanks for the note regarding SceneryConfigEditor. It’s a pretty good one indeed.
      The purpose of creating my own version is I just want something that is simple and quick. Thanks again.


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