Misc: P3D v2.3 Full of Issues on my System

Just had a clean install of the P3D v2.3 earlier today.  Full of expectations in the beginning but ended up in disappointments.

Horrible stutters are encountered as well as some addon utilities are not working.  I even haven’t started installing anything yet.  Not sure if it is my 3-monitor setup or what.  Very likely to roll back to v2.2 if issues couldn’t be solved in a couple of days.

10 thoughts on “Misc: P3D v2.3 Full of Issues on my System

  1. just tested the 6 pack FIPs with the new version 2.3….fantastic, no more stutters !
    Finally I’m ready to switch to P3D! Said so, still some runway lightning problems with the addon airports from Aerosoft, FSDT and ORBX….it seems I’ll fly mostly day time :)


    1. Glad to hear that about the gauges. Do note again that P3D is still full of this and that problem and you’ll probably miss a lot of things after switching to it.


  2. Was thinking of joining the fun for Entertrainment purposes :) again, looks likes its broke more than its fixed again … a moving target?

    I’m not ready to move from FSX until p3D 64 bit and deal with the
    moving targets then. my FSX is way to
    highly tuned for me just now.


  3. I have been holding off P3D since my FSX install is running like butter. I have a second computer now that I think is fast enough for P3D. Question:Can I use Ezdok, Reality XP, and the PMDG 777 with P3Dv2? These are kinda must haves for me.


    1. Hi Chris,
      I don’t have Reality XP and PMDG777 so I don’t know if they are for P3D.
      Regarding Ezdok, I found some problems it when I firstly installed P3D. Since then, it is out of my P3D platform.


  4. Sorry to read that. For me the new version is way better than 2.2!
    I installed the last Beta version of FSUIPC since the standard one make a CTD.
    I’m getting far better Foster and system stability than v 2.2 and ofcourse compared to FSX.
    The only thing that I didn’t test was Saitek FIPs but will do this evening. I never managed to make them work without stutters on P3D.
    My graphic card is soo old (gtx 580) but v2.3 is a big improve in terms of performance. Getting over 45 fps on medium high settings at heavy scenery like LSZH from FSDT with Swiss professional, Rex, and Opus FSX.
    I hope you gonna deal with your issue.


    1. I heard users reporting good results but I am so far no idea why my system stutters terriby. I had the FSUIPC 4934f installed and no CTD experienced.
      All my Saitek gears run nicely. I tried turning them off and stutters still there.
      May reinstall it tomorrow and start from scratch (I am actually) again to see if it helps.


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