Location Suggestion in Switzerland and Italy

Hi Friends,

I’ll be in Europe for a two-week travel in September.    During the stay, my son and his fiancée are planning to spend two days for wedding photos.

Wonder any of you have any good locations in Switzerland and Italy (not necessarily big cities) to recommend for such occasion.

I’d appreciate it very much.

I’ll arrive in Munich first and the rest of the journey hasn’t been finalized yet. Perhaps we will be meeting somewhere, sometime then.


Received many good suggestions in just a few hours. Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Location Suggestion in Switzerland and Italy

  1. We just came back from Europe last night. For Switzerland, go to Lucerne, cross the lake and also go up Stanserhorn by furnicular and cable car. Google Lucerne and Stanserhorn. Send me email and I’ll ‘friend’ you in Facebook so that you can see our vacation pictures.


    1. Thank you George. I did look at some photos of Lucerne on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is not on the route we plan so far but I’ll keep the place on our alternate schedule.
      Regarding Facebook, I currently have it for my family only. Pardon me even though I love to see your vacation photos.


  2. Hi,
    I didn’t subscribe to your website, but I follow you a lot since you have great sim ideas and some really neat advises for FSX or P3D :-)
    I live near Lausanne, so if you go in the area, just drop me a line, I’ll show you the airport, and if you want to have a VFR ride over the Alps, just about the same :-)
    Keep up the good job Tom.



    1. Hi Umberto,
      Saw many Lake Como photos and it’s definitely a beautiful place. Have already included it to my itinerary. My visit hasn’t been finalized yet but should be around 19th to 21st of September. Thanks for the invitation.


  3. We’re living in Switzerland at the moment and have had the chance to visit a few beautiful places. The choice of location really depends on what sort of setting they want.

    By the water? Lots of lovely lakes here. For example, Chateau Chillon is an old castle built on a rock a few metres from the shore on Lake Geneva. Mountains? There are some spectacular peaks that are easily accessible, such as Mt Pilatus. Old cities? Nearly every city or large town has an older section with narrow cobble-stone streets and loads of character.


    1. Sounds like I threw out a too general question. Probably snowy mountain background is a natural choice. As you said, Switzerland is already a beautiful place.


  4. Interlaken is one of my favorite spots in Switzerland. You can catch an electric train to the top of the Jungfrau and it goes through the Eiger (Clint East filmed Eiger Sanction there). It’s a trip that if a MUST. Enjoy! email me if you would like more info.


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