255: A Lesson Learned – The SLI Myths

Started from dissembling the rudders for fixing a bad contact throughout the whole morning, then carried on to adding extra power to enhance the stability of the computer’s IO ports in the afternoon,  my day was full of grease and rust.  Since the chassis was opened, I unplugged the second graphics card on a whim.  Holy cow, my P3Dv2 ran even better.


I’ve been running my simulators in SLI mode since the purchase of the three monitors, taking for granted that the extra card would push the multi monitors with triple resolution altogether better.

No surprise, both FSX and P3D ran nicely under the setup.  However, there were intermittent stutters on the left and right monitors, especially under the P3D platform.  The side monitors were connected to the second graphics card.  I thought they were caused by some unknown improper settings waiting to be found and fixed until I pulled the second card off earlier today.

The overall performance doesn’t degrade at all and even looks more appealing as the occasional stutters on the left and right monitors are gone.

I know there are many discussions on the Internet saying that SLI or Crossfire is no good to FSX and P3D.

Well, a lesson is learned.   So don’t be the next one like me who puzzled by the myths about SLI or Crossfire and end up paying for some unusable power that FSX and P3D couldn’t appreciate and enjoy.

Part of my house is undergoing renovation these few weeks.   Posts and replies will be minimal.   Afterall, it’s summer.

6 thoughts on “255: A Lesson Learned – The SLI Myths

  1. Hi Tom

    I tried FSX a couple of years back with 2 GTX 570’s and it was quite troublesome, this was on a single 30″ 2560 x 1600 screen though and although both cards had 1.3 GB VRAM in SLI that does not double up as 2.6 GB usable as you likely know :) I would actually disable SLI for FSX back then, SLI was impressive in the few games I had that supported it though, after the 570’s I went to a GTX 680 2GB and that card could do three monitors from the one card as can the GTX780 I use just now … Its a 3GB vram card and I wish I’d held out for the 6GB Titan as that would be better at my resolution.

    Not doing any upgrades this year (hopefully) but perhaps I will next year, hearing rumours of Intel’s next gen CPU’s and Nvidia’s next gen cards with DDR4 joining in the fun too.

    Interesting times ahead.


    1. Hi Mario,
      Yes. I am having the 3 monitors connected to the remaining 780 card via 2 DVIs + 1 Display Port. And they are running in Nvidia’s Surround mode as before.


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