254: The SkyShifter

I don’t know how you use REX (Real Environment Extreme) in your system.   I just choose the environment textures I prefer and then install them into FSX or P3D for good.   True, I might pick a different cloud or sky texture once or twice a month to give the simulator a fresh look.   But that’s all.

Based on the concept from my earlier ShadeShifter, which allows the changes of tones and colors of the environment in the simulator everyday, I recently wrote another utility that SkyShiftercould inject different pre-extracted sky and ocean textures from REX according to the calendar day of the month, prior to the loading of FSX or P3D.   And these textures have been further mixed to maximize allowable texture-combo variations.  In other words, my sky and ocean now look differently each day.

I know REX comes with a randomized texture installation features.   I simply don’t have the patience to wait for its long and tedious decryption process every time.

With the new utility, I call it SkyShifter, texture injection process takes a few seconds only.

The swiftness does come with a price, unfortunately.   The texture pre-extraction and manipulation processes are a bit complicated.   So the first version of it basically meets my own needs.  And I am not sure if it is going to have the next version available for download.

Anyway, should anyone have similar thoughts in mind about REX, I am happy to share the idea of my approach in the Comment section.

I started this post two days ago and my original plan was to complete and elaborate the whole idea in this article rather than via discussions in the Comment section.   However, I really don’t feel up to continue doing it since I had a car accident yesterday morning.   No casualty, damages not serious.   But I am still quite upset about what’s happened.



8 thoughts on “254: The SkyShifter

  1. Hey Tom, I’ve only just read about your accident. I’m sorry for you, as we had the same thing happen to us just two weeks ago. Our car had quite a lot of damage to the rear but their car was a total loss. Nobody really hurt but very shook up.
    It’s really the inconvenience of it all hey. I hope you are being looked after and soon on the mend. As are we.
    Take care and a speedy return to what you are doing for the flight simmers out there.


    1. Thank you Brian. I am the one who hit the car in front since my car couldn’t be stopped by the brake. Something wrong with it. Not serious to both car. It’s being checked by the manufacturer. Hope to get the problem solved and fixed soon.


  2. Sorry to hear about the car accident, Tom, and I am glad no one was hurt. My wife was involved in an accident last week, and though no one was hurt, the car was a complete loss due to the fact that it was a large SUV that ran into the back of a my wife’s small car. I understand the frustration that this type of situation brings and our thoughts are with you! –James


      1. Feel better soon Tom! I’m sure good times are just around the corner.
        PS hope I speak for everyone here in saying I (we) really appreciate your blog and all you contribute to the sim community.


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