5 thoughts on “News: Dovetail Games’ Licensing Deal with Microsoft Takes Flight

  1. Hi Tom

    Thank you for all of the great information. I have already submitted my new email address which is egilbert4752@gmail.com but I did not see a way to delete my old email.

    My old email will be turned off in the next few days. Would you please delete egilbert@woh.rr.com?

    I look forward to your updates as we move to a new home next week and I start my build of a cockpit simulator for FSX and DCS.

    Thank you




    1. Hi Ed, WordPress doesn’t allow bloggers to delete followers. However, no worry Ed. I have updated your new email on my subscriber list. Just start using your new email will do.


  2. am i missing something, or where is the point in re-marketing an old product, while the main company is trying to establish a new one? even if flight is not so much of a simulator, wouldnt it make more sense to make an actual simulator from msflight?


  3. Hi Tom

    Yes I’ve seen this, heard about its announcement about a month ago, could have been a worse company to take over the franchise I suppose? Could have been Electronic Arts who have a reputation for killing leisure software franchises!

    We dont know know the full details yet? its quite possibly FSX *and* Flight or one or the other that has been bought, for sure I see no inclination from MS in riving the series any-more, not since Bill left anyway.

    Myself, I’m still on FSX with Steves DX10 fixer and ORBX scenery mostly, I still own P3D 1.4 and tried P3D2.0 and opted for the refund in the cooling off period … I’m waiting to see what P3Dv2.3 brings without bugs or fixed ones but its really P3D 64 bit that has been semi promised I’m waiting for, I cant see Dovetail making the investment to go 64 bit IMHO, for them I reckon they have negotiated a good price for a classic good seller to add to their catalogue and get it on Steam that is no bad thing IMHO … we’ll see.



    1. Yes, 64-bit P3D will be something worth waiting for. Regarding Dovetail and MS’s deal, no one for sure what it is going to be. Just having a new guy coming in may bring some surprises. It won’t hurt even it doesn’t.


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