253: My Cockpit View Switcher

During the testing for my Cockpit View display, I needed to switch back and forth numerous times between the Normal View and the Wide View.   And the files involved with the necessary changes are:

  1. fsx.CFG
  2. Cameras.CFG
  3. aircraft.CFG

To avoid confusion while making changes to these files directly,  I instead created two additional copies from each of them and named these new files the “-Normal” version and the “-Wide” version accordingly:

  1. fsx.CFGfsx-Normal.CFGfsx-Wide.CFG
    (Prepar3D.CFG,  Prepar3D-Normal.CFG,  Prepar3D-Wide.CFG)
  2. Cameras.CFGCameras-Normal.CFGCameras-Wide.CFG
  3. aircraft.CFG aricraft-Normal.CFGaircraft-Wide.CFG

Then, I could separately

  • edit the files with the “-Normal” codename for the Normal View; and
  • edit the files with the “-Wide” codename for the Wide View

I also inserted

  • //Normal View” as a command line at the top of each “-Normal” files; or
  • //Wide View” as a command line at the top of each “-Wide” files

so that I could easily identify which is which while checking their contents.

With the inclusion of these additional “-Normal” and “-Wide” files, the View switching process subsequently becomes a series of replacements of the fsx.CFG (Prepar3D.CFG), Cameras.CFG and aircraft.CFG with their correctly edited versions.

To speed up the process, I also created two little switcher utilities called NormalWideFSX.exe (NormalWideP3D.exe) and NormalWidePlane.exe

The first one is programmed for the replacement of fsx.CFG (Prepar3D.CFG) and Cameras.CFG; and the second for the aircraft.CFG.

I just run them in the corresponding directories,  the series of replacement action will then be carried out automatically.   In addition, up to three backup copies of the replaced files will be created in the same directory for safety purpose.

The NormalWidePlane.exe was planned to be an integral part of the NormalWideFSX.exe (or NormalWideP3D.exe) in the first place.    Eventually, it turns out to be a standalone one because users can then effectively put it in any targeted aircraft folder in a more flexible manner.

Followings are the locations where I put these two utilities on my computer:



C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2


X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\C172   or


Despite the use of the codenames — “Normal” and “Wide” (or think of them as “Original” and “New”) — in the files and utilities mentioned above, and despite the original intention of using these files and utilities for View Switching, the whole concept, and even the use of the two switching utilities, can possibly be applied and extended to any scenario (no matter whether using single- or multiple-monitor) where anyone wants to compare the results from different settings (e.g. scenery complexity) from any or all of the three CFG files.

Sounds complicated ?

A little bit.   But once you understand the concept, things become straight-forward.

As always, any FSX Times subscribers who are interested to try my approach with the Switcher Utilities could send me their requests in the Comment section below.

9 thoughts on “253: My Cockpit View Switcher

  1. Hallo Tom,

    Looks like a very helpful utility, as I encounter the same issue myself. Would you be so kind to send me a copy of ‘My Cockpit View Switcher’?

    Thanks in advance and will surely let you know how it works.



  2. Hi Tom, hope you are feeling better following your accident.

    I am curious about the this Cockpit Switcher code, would you please send me a copy?

    Rick S.


      1. Sorry Tom, I didn’t realize there could be personal info or propitiatory code in the file. I just assumed it was a bat file converted to an executable. As such I wanted to see how you were manipulating the variables with an eye to inserting my own.

        No problem.

        If you are still sharing the file I would like to get a copy.

        Rick S.


      2. Hi Rick,
        Thanks for the understanding. It’s not a bat to exe file. Give me some time and I get back to you with more details in my file structures etc. And yes, if you know how to convert the textures from REX. Probably you are able to use my utility.


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