251: My Cockpit View 2014 Update Part 1

With the three 27-inch monitors in place, I’ve been able to bring up a glare-shield of the Cessna 172 panel that matches the size of 41 inches (105 cm) as if in the real cockpit. To achieve the result, I set InitialZoom=0.3 in the Virtual Cockpit of the aircraft.CFG, and WideViewAspect=False in either fsx.CFG or Prepar3D.CFG.

This creates the widest scenery display in front of the wind-shield from my 8040 x 1440 monitor-combo, without the appearance of distorted scenery objects towards the edges on both ends (see image below).

Click to see full image in 1/3 of the original size
Click to see full image in 50% of the original size

Followings are the Camera Definitions for my C172:   Continue reading