40 thoughts on “247: Wet Compass C172 Style

    1. Hi Laurent,
      The compass has been sent to your mailbox. Regarding the question you have for the FIP Optimizer, please contact Alexey directly. There should be an email in his readme file.
      Have fun,


  1. Bonjour Tom,

    Je voudrais essayer la boussole normale et le style C172 humide. Comme toujours, merci pour votre éxélent travail!



  2. Bonjour Tom,
    Je voudrais essayer la boussole normale et le style C172 humide. Comme toujours, merci pour votre éxélent travail! Eric


      1. Thank you very much

        Greetings Alexander Bloemen

        2014-08-26 3:56 GMT+02:00 FSX Times :

        > Tom Tsui commented: “Hi Alex, Just sent the links to your mailbox. > Have fun. Tom”


    1. Hi Sebastien, I haven’t tried running it on a separate computer via WideFS yet. If you are running your FIPs with WideFS without problems, my gauge should work fine. Let me know again if you need it.


  3. Hi Tom
    New to FSX, Starting to create a home cockpit. Would like to post some pictures as it come together. Can I send them to you for the cockpits page. Going to use Saitek panels and yoke to start. Any chance of a link to your FIPS as I have seen no better creations as yours.
    Thinking of doing a 3DOF system based on buggies.builtforfun concept. Any thought on this. http://bffsimulation.com/CL_Software.php.
    Thanks for the hard work you have put in for the flightsim community.
    Regards Ian


    1. Hi Ian,
      Links have been sent. Have fun with them.
      Yes, you can send your cockpit photos to me and I’ll post in the cockpits page.
      Not sure about the 3DOF. Thought about it but it’s pretty expensive so I gave up the thought eventually.
      Actually, could consider the TrackIR which uses your head instead of fingers to position eyepoint.


  4. Hi Tom. May I please have the link to your Cessna 172 Wet Compass. Best regards and thanks for yet another excellent work.


  5. Hi, Tom. I’ve been lurking here for a few months and have really enjoyed getting up to date with all the previous posts. This, and the various Cessna gauges you’ve designed in the past are exceptionally notable; is there any chance a newbie such as myself could land a download link for those? Thanks, and I’ll be reading!


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