240: Trim Gets Down Below

Since I bought the trim wheel about a year ago, it’s been placed next to the yoke due to its mounting holes and wiring positions.   On this holiday, just spent an hour on the drilling works to put it down below to a more logical postion.   Might need another month or so to get used to it, however.

Trim-01 Trim-02

Also, I am playing with a 60 USD, 9-inch touch monitor to see how it fits into my setup as a standalone GPS.   Connection so far is done via a VGA to HDMI converter.


But damn, the monitor still needs a correct Win 7 driver to activate its touch function as it doesn’t originally come with one.

6 thoughts on “240: Trim Gets Down Below

  1. Hi Tom. Looks good! Just look for eGalaxy Touch drivers. They worked for my double touch screen set up that emulates the G1000. I bought them on eBay for A$120 each, but they are 12″. If you want, I can send you the drivers.

    Out of curiosity: do your Saitek toys work with P3D?


    1. Hi BigVince,
      Yes, please send me your driver. I’d appreciate it.
      Yes, all my Saitek gears work fine with P3D v2.2. No aware of any problem so far. As said, FIPs were sluggish with v2.1. Now they work smoothly with the new version.


  2. Thanks for the web page Tom. Looks like 60 USD for a monitor with vga inputs is a great buy. I cant find anything close to that for less then 170 USD. (Amazon.com has a bunch but nothing in that price range)


  3. Tom,
    A couple of questions, I like the small monitor for the GPS great idea, do you happen to have a part number or source for it? Also, have you ever looked into getting the Reality XP GPS gauges. I love them and considering that they more more realistic in there operation is a much added benefit.



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