239: P3D v2.2 Part 4 – Settings

As known, the more complex and demanding the settings are, the more impacts will be on the simulator.  Followings are my current choices and preferences:

P3Dv22-Setting 01

♦  Disable FXAA improves image sharpness
♦  Found very slight difference among 2, 4 and 8 Samples in MSAA
♦  Texture Filtering=8 gives the best balance
♦  Similarly, found no obvious difference in higer texture resolution


P3Dv22-Setting 02

Options don’t have obvious impact on my system
♦  Mesh and Texture Resolution
♦  Autogen Vegetation Density
♦  Water Detail and Special Effects
♦  SimObjects in Reflections
♦  Bathymetry

Options that hit
♦  Terrain – slight to medium
♦  Vegetation – medium to high
♦  Buildings – medium to high


P3Dv22-Setting 03

Above combination provides the best result


P3Dv22-Setting 04


P3Dv22-Setting 05

Traffic could be set 20% to 30% higher without any issue.


Next post will talk about the hardware aspect.

Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “239: P3D v2.2 Part 4 – Settings

  1. Hi, Tom!
    Why are you don’t use HDR, Terrain and cloud shadows?
    Without shadows and HDR this is a FSX :) I know this options are very big hit on performance, but…


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