238: P3D v2.2 Part 3 – Prepar3D.cfg

The current performance of my P3D platform as shown in post 237 can’t be said flawless.   There are still occasional stutters especially while the plane is in steep turns.  And the range of crystal clear texture rendering is limited to a not so big area surrounding the aircraft.

Nevertheless, I am quite happy with what it so far achieved.  And in many ways, I think P3D v2.2 now has excelled FSX in my setup.   Followings talk about changes I made to the configuration file.



I was trapped in the beginning that I put 252 (the last 6 CPU cores) for AffinityMask without a second thought when I encountered the autogen missing and complete texture blurriness issues mentioned in Part 1.

It’s natural because the value 252 gave me the best result in previous version 2.0 and 2.1.   And the fluency of the new version did immediately improve over the default config setting.

The culprit is found and issues are corrected by the new AffinityMask.


NO BufferPools



The 900 millions BufferPools described in Post 234 that works amazingly with version 2.1 has lost its magic in the new version.

Even though it can still reduce stutters, the system now performs better without using the BufferPools parameter at all, or having the BufferPools and RejectThreshold set to 0 and 524288 respectively.

I am currently using the zero BufferPools setup to take advantage of the memory on the video card.   However, I really couldn’t tell if the zero setup is the best choice since there are situations where P3D v2.2 runs better without the BufferPools.



With my 3-monitor 8040 x 1440 x 32 display resolution, 9.5 is the limit I can push to so far without obvious impact to the overall performance.

In fact, I never expected to use such a high value in the first place as the earlier version or my FSX equivalent tends to stutter when LOD_Radius is higher than 7.5.   However, the range of clear, sharp texture shown in FSX is still the farthest even though the Radius used is lower.


Just managed some time to write the post above and that’s all for the changes I made in the config file.   As always, your mileage may vary due to hardware differences, etc.

The next post will talk about my various settings in P3D.   It shouldn’t take long.

Stay tuned.

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