237: P3D v2.2 Part 2 – Video Preview

Regarding the autogen and texture problems reported in last post, the issues actually had been solved.   I was just splitting the story into 2 or 3 episodes to arouse sharings and suggestions, from which I might possible push the result further for the sweet spot.

Unexpectedly, I have some priorities to deal with in the next few weeks.   So I made the following movie clip as a Preview to Part 2 (or to be Part 2 itself).

It is also my first attempt to include video in FSX Times.  The clip was taken by iPhone over Vancouver with most autogens set to maximum.   Resolution unfortunately was compromised because similar videos from Fraps or other software are far too large to post due to my three-monitor setup.

Here’s an addition video clip depicting how P3D v2.2 performs with faster moving aircrafts.

The P3D platform on my system as shown above surely is not flawless.  (Note the stutters in video are mostly from iPhone while panning.)   But the overall performance and quality I am happy to say are way above acceptable.

5 thoughts on “237: P3D v2.2 Part 2 – Video Preview

  1. Tom-
    How have you eliminated the image stretching on the left and right hand monitors? I use three surround monitors but am bothered by the distortion and blurriness that occurs as you move further out from the center display.


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