234: Prepar3D.cfg – BufferPools

As explained in Post 90, BufferPools could effectively reduce stutters on some systems.    Actually I was quite happy with its value set to 4,000 for a long time, until recently I upgraded to my current hardware on which FSX seems no longer benefited from it.

My Prepar3D V2 platform, on the other hand, reacts drastically different under the new 3-monitor setup.    Stutters are virtually removed when the PoolSize is set to  900,000,000 — CORRECT — a total of 60 times of the largest FSX PoolSize value (15 millions) suggested in Post 90.


With values greater than 900 millions or smaller than 600 millions, smoothness of the display starts deteriorating.

It’s so funny that the finding simply came from a blink of my crazy idea — instead of evaluating results via adding or subtracting a small amount one at a time from the 4,000 value I was using, I multiplied the largest suggested FSX PoolSize value ten times to see how it went.   The result was surprisingly impressive.

After days of testing, here it shows my optimal PoolSize set for Prepar3D V2 for now.    Also, I lock FPS at 35 and Texture_Bandwidth_Mult at 60.   Unfortunately, this “crazy” rule doesn’t apply to FSX.

As always, your mileage may vary.


8 thoughts on “234: Prepar3D.cfg – BufferPools

  1. I am using P3D2.1 on a fairly new gaming rig…
    I too had stutters and glitches….I was running
    at the max 60 FPS….then I read a post that said
    lock the FPS at 30…I tried it and no more
    stutters and glitches….John H.


  2. So having said all this, and it is very interesting discussion wise, what would you say is the best FSX setting? I too have a very high end machine just for FSX so perhaps as you said it may make no difference. I have it currently at the 15000000 mark.


    1. On my current FSX platform, I am not setting the BufferPools. But I will give it another shot with various settings due to the positive result found in Prepar3DV2.


  3. What about UsePools=0? I used this many months in FSX, and it worked just fine. But now I’m installing P3D V2 and I’m just curious… :)


    1. Hi Stephan,
      UsePools=0 is a good one as well in general. For the moment, I prefer the “crazy” large PoolSize since there are some occasion stutters associated with the zero setting.
      Frankly speaking, I don’t see any perfect setting for either FSX or P3D. We could just pick one that best matches our needs.


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