232: Finally I am Multi-LCDs

I’ve been talking about moving to multi-monitor setup for nearly 2 years.    Finally, here it comes my new multi-monitor setup:

My New Multi-Monitor Setup

One major obstacle that’s been preventing me from upgrading in the past was the 30-inch monitor I’ve used for over 5 years.  It was (is) still in good condition that I couldn’t make up my mind to replace it without finding a good outlet for it.   Also, the price for getting another two 30-inch monitors was also a big concern.

The three monitors shown here are Dell’s 27-inch UltraSharp U2713HM (2560 x 1440) LCDs.  The price for each display is only about 40% of the 30-inch model in the same family, even though the vertical resolution is 160 pixels short.

I am now getting a total screen resolution of 8040 x 1440.  In addition, my son got my 30-inch monitor and he in return sponsored me for one of the three LCDs.  The purchase, instead of getting two more expensive 30-inches, no doubt is a reasonable, cost-effective and win-win choice.

The three monitors are now standing on my table with all necessary hardware hooked up.   After running FSX on it for a few hours, I know that I won’t be able to go back to the single monitor setup any more.

In the next couple of weeks (or months), I should be spending many of my spare time fine-tuning various settings  for the FSX under such multi-monitor configuration.  This new setup doesn’t mean just huge screen sizes, the responsiveness and sensitivity of many components attached to it, for example the TrackIR, are needed to be re-adjusted for optimization.

I’ll post those interesting stuff in which I find useful throughout the process.

37 thoughts on “232: Finally I am Multi-LCDs

  1. Hi Tom,
    I’ve been looking all over FSX Times for your system specs and can’t seem to find the info anywhere.
    Can you let us know what kind of machine your running?


    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for the info…I just got my fully enclosed Cessna flight simulator built and still working on FSX tweaks, just wanted to know what you system specs were for the FSX.cfg tweaks you were making.

      P.S. I’ll send ya a pic of my simulator for your “cockpit” section…


      1. Here’s what I’m running:

        Windows 7 64Bit
        Sabertooth Z87
        Intel Core i7 4770K Quad Core OC to 4.2GHZ
        Geforce GTX 760 OC 1150MHZ 2GB
        Crucial M500 SSD 240GB HD
        Skill Sniper 16GB DDR-1866


      2. Hi Sam,
        Look forward to seeing your cockpit. I am currently using my old fsx.cfg with very little change, such as disabled WideViewAspect. Still not much time to do any finetuning yet.


    2. Hi Tom. What a cool write up. Can you provide a link of the ancillary equipment that you are using. Is it Saitek or CH products? My son has a starter system and I want to add realistic guagens and instrumentation panels like you have..


  2. I also wont be able to go back to single monitor, love the 3 screen!!!!
    Maybe will upgrade to a second video instead of the TripleHead2go??
    Great to have you back onboard again Tom!!

    P.S. I will send you new pictures of the setup soon for the Cockpits section.
    Got new switches and GPS is wired up just got the screen to finish on it.


    1. Hi Mario,
      So far as I know, TripleHead2go doesn’t support 2560 resolution. Even though a single GTX 780 is able to drive 3 monitors, a second video card is a plus to it.
      Look forward to your new cockpit photos and the next gear I am planning to get is the GPS.


  3. Hi Tom

    Like you I use (used in your case now) a 30″ LCD 2560 x 1600, its the Dell U3011 here and its a superb monitor, prior to this I was wanting to go three screens and am now thinking of this again … I do prefer the 16:10 ratio of this screen to the modern 16:9 though but unfortunately cant afford three of these 30″ LCD’s and would struggle to power them anyway!

    I run a single EVGA OC GTX 780 3GB, and this amount of VRAM seems perfect for the 30″ Dell’s resolution … I dont think 2 x cards VRAM in SLI doubles up for usable purposes though? I should have held out for the Titan with 6GB VRAM when I was buying the 780 I think?

    I may now hold out for the next generation of GTX 8xx that are rumoured to have up to 8GB VRAM and consider 3 screens then, I’d prefer a single card solution, tried 2 x GTX 570’s in SLI before and had some problems in FSX.

    Good to hear you are having positive experiences though, that is encouraging, I’m sure if I were able to try a 3 screen set up I’d be sold though :)




    1. Yeah, a GTX 8xx with 8GB VRAM will be great for a 3 monitor single card setup. But just like me in the past waiting for the perfect match. The perfect pair never came. There are always something new and more exciting stuff to be available. So, don’t wait too long. Actually, I find no matter how latest the CPU and graphics card you got, there are still rooms for improvement in FSX.


      1. Very true Tom and I know the waiting game is a hard game for perfect hardware :)

        I just realised I’m on second gen Sandy Bridge E with my I7 E 3960X @ 4.6 GHZ hex core, but its been holding up very well in its second year for me in FSX with a mid life upgrade of the GTX 780 from a 680.

        From what I read 2014 is going to be a lean year with only Haswell-E for us performance freaks … I’m tempted to skip that, but the X99 chipset looks promising with DDR4 too, but maybe not prime time until early 2015?

        If I can make my current set up last out this year I’ll be happy with my restraint, I’d rather see much larger incremental hardware performance leaps than we have previously with each new CPU and motherboard chipset especially.

        But in all honesty, FSX performs well on my hardware, but as you say Tom even some FSX situations can drag any PC to its knee’s.

        It will be interesting to see what the future holds.



      1. Hi Tom,

        Congratulations for your new rig.

        I have been using 3 monitors with TripleHead2go since 2008 with great pleasure. I stopped using TrackIR as I see no need for it with 3 displays. (Looking forward for your comments on this matter). I also would like to know if you see a difference with single GPU versus dual GPU’s.

        I tried SLI on my rig but the results were not as good as single GPU…!

        I am currently building a new rig with 5 displays…!


        Marc-A.Handfield Flight Simulation Industry Historian/Collector


      2. Sign! I am really far behind many of you. Some of you are already using / building 5 or more displays. Three, for the moment, are the maximum of what I can accommodate.
        I haven’t compared the performance difference between SLI and single card on my rig under 3 screen setup. I don’t see any performance degradation so far. Currently I am using more or less the same setting from the single display config. Will further finetune the whole system a bit.
        Just included TrackIR back to the system. It’s a plus IMO, no doubt. But tuning it seems not easy. If it moves fast, you got dizziness; if it doesn’t, the display looks lag. Tuning just one axis is not difficult. But getting the balance among all 6 axese, it should take me a lot of experiments — better say a lot of struggling.
        BTW, you are a historian/collector for flight simulation? Sounds amazing.


    1. Hi Scooter,

      the magnificent seven, right, Tom.
      Is it possible to see a picture with your 7 screens? sounds unbelievable ;-)

      I own a 27″ @ 2560 as well, sometimes think about a triple mon. setup.
      However, at the moment I don´t have the space left in my “desk cockpit” because of the family situation I´m caught in the smallest corner *g*
      As I could read, I think I had to spent some money, first to get the missing two screens, second, as Tom said, it´s better with 2 graphic cards? Now I´ve got a 680 2Gb which runs perfectly and smooth with one monitor.



  4. Good stuff Tom,

    I have been with 3×23″ monitors for a few years now. Having been there, one can never go back to single monitor flying again.


  5. HI, Tom. Great to see you back posting your usual insights. The photo of your set-up looks fantastic and I’ll use it as inspiration for my flight control panel when I move later this year. If what your photo depicts is what I should be expecting, then I’m all for three monitors. Will save all future posts on this subject and will start moving to 3 monitors. Again, welcome back. It’s great to have you around again!


    1. Haha. Inertia — not only the airplane, we human do react the same most of the time. Glad that I just break the barrier. Thinking of getting two more FIPs for VORs. Not sure yet.


  6. Hi Tom,
    how did you connect the 3 screens ? Eyefinity or TripleHead2Go ? I tried the same with 3 40 ” sony lcds but failed. The sony tvs do not support 1920 x 1080 @ 50Hz. Even tried it via HDMI but sony is special and none of the tvs is showing something else than black. So i have to figure out how to become it work in the future. Now i run it on 2 tvs (1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz) but it is hard to get used to it because of the bezels right in the middle.

    Happy landings from germany.

    PS: Homepage is on rebuild after the visit of russian hackers #argh


      1. You are my hero :) You remembered me of my old hardware. So i found 2 x 560GTX ti and tested it on my new System. Just upgraded my rig to i7 4770k @ 4.5 GHz and it works so well – even with these older gpus! Now finally i can enjoy a triple Setup with 40 Inch led TVs. Thanks for the comment and reminding me of this older sli setup that was just lying around. So i will get rid of the TripleHead2go and go on finishing the home cockpit. It is time to build the final cabin including the tvs.

        Thanks and happy landings!


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