Season Greetings

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18 thoughts on “Season Greetings

  1. I hope you and yours had a Merry Xmas and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

    Tom, was there a trick to getting SPAD working in P3D? I copied the exe.xml file to same file as FSX in P3D but have no joy?

    Surely I have missed a step or two?

    Rick S.


    1. Thank you, Rick.
      Yes, it should be just adding the SPAD module in the exe.xml file. Ensure your directory is correct. Also, you need FSUIPC to make it work if I remember correctly.
      Also note that P3D doesn’t come with the dll.xml by default. You need to copy it to the P3D’s directory. It’s in the same directory of the fsx.CFG.


  2. Tom – I just came across your blog. Very helpful information. My new year would be made much nicer if I could get a copy of your FIP gauges. Thank you. Happy New Year to all.


  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to you and you loved ones.
    And happy flying with the new PC!!! May all your landing be smooth and successful.
    Mario and Family


      1. New season grettins in Tahiti , where there is a huge Chinese community.

        Kung Hei Fat Choy for this Green Horse Year, Tom !

        I take this oportunity to wishe you al the best and to thank you for all the important news and informations you use to provide all along th year.

        Best regards,

        Christian Hellec


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