224: Turning Off the FIP – Black Friday

Due to various unexpected situations, the Turning Off the FIP series were stopped for over a month.   To compensate for the interruption, I have put the OFF Masks for the remaining RPM, Integrated Fuel Gauges, and even the new Turn Coordinator into a single RAR file on this Black Friday for existing users to download by clicking the image below.  The OFF masks for the earlier Altimeter, Vertical Indicator and Airspeed Indicator are also included.  Just put the files in corresponding folders will do.


Scripts for each gauge are included in the package so that you guys don’t have to edit any codes by yourselves.  Just copy and paste, and then sit comfortably to enjoy the turning off the gauges immediately.

Note that the link above will be valid until the end of 2013.

15 thoughts on “224: Turning Off the FIP – Black Friday

  1. Hi Tom,
    Any chance I can have ‘turning off the fip’ file.
    I am finding some great ideas for setting up my sim on your site.



  2. Hello Tom
    Happy new year to you and thank you for all what you do,
    can yoy have the kindnesse to send to me a ful collection of your devloppement for fip, as soon as i wil instal them i wil send you a photos of my new simulators
    Merci encor


  3. Great job Tom!!! It does take time when you re build on new PC, You realize how much tweak and add-on’s you had and fixed up to your liking!!! lol

    I’m going this morning to get a chair for the cockpit from a Ford Winstar bucket seat with two arm rest!!! (more work) A new monitor is on the way Asus 24″ 2ms response only 2 more to get!!! lol

    Tom may I request an Attitude Indicator power off also, I must say I like it a lot you got me hooked on them!!!
    Plus I still fly with the C210 great gauge there too!!

    Please send me the Black Friday package!!


    1. No problem, Mario.
      Will spend time working on the Attitude Indicator in earliest possible.
      You can directly download the Black Friday package by clicking the link or the image. Special Black Friday offer without self editing.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Do you ever sleep? :-) . Just some days ago you had to change your computer, do all the setup, and now you are already posting things! Great.
    I wish you all the best with Win8. I haven’t tried it as yet. But I’ll probably have to use it the day I will have to replace a computer.
    Thanks for your new “Turning Off the FIP” serie, very nice artwork once again.
    Regards from LSGS,


  5. Thank you. Tom.
    Does mean you have you new setup running?
    Myself hope to get some time, over the weekend, as well to get my systems going again.


    1. No, Hans. I am using another computer to work on Posts and other tasks. Just completed the basic system config for the new computer. Haven’t installed the simulator on it yet.


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