Misc: Computer Broken Down Update #1

After trying various methods for nearly two weeks, my computer still couldn’t be fixed.   There are strange intermittent software and hardware issues that I have no clues what causes them.newPC

Since I’ve been talking about upgrading my computer for over a year,  now it seems that there are no more excuses to hold my purchase.  So I just ordered a new PC today.   It’s a DIY with ASUS Maximus VI Extreme motherboard, 4770K i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and MSI GTX 780 Lightning.

Yes, I’ve switched from AMD to Nvidia.

I’ll probably need another week or two to set up the new computer properly.   For those who are asking for the download links for my gauges and other utilities, sorry that you still have to wait a little while until those files are restored properly from my old computer.

Lastly, thanks to Mario, Aviascorp, Richard and Denny, who sent kind words to comfort my “troubled” mind during these computer broken down days.


18 thoughts on “Misc: Computer Broken Down Update #1

  1. Hi Tom, I am giving serious consideration to a new MB; Chip and memory. I see what MB and chip you are using but am curious as to brand and model of memory?

    If you were to start the rebuild over, would you consider anything different?

    Rick S.


    1. For memory and MB, I’ll keep the same brands. My current MB is good too but it is really for sophisticated tech users. I have to admit that there are many features I don’t know how to fully utilize.
      Regarding MSI, this is the first time I bought products from. However, I will put MSI on the second of my MB lists in the future.


  2. Hi Tom

    Was wondering if you would take this opportunity to upgrade when you mentioned problems with the old rig, looks like you have a very nice system to put together there …enjoy.

    I upgraded my home built I7 3960X from a 2GB GTX 680 to a 3GB GTX780 super clocked earlier this year and see same card I bought for almost £600 is now selling for just over £400! having said that I wish I’d held out for a Titan now for the extra vram as I’m thinking of going triple screen again, good to see too that Prepar3 V2.0 out on Monday will now use the power of these graphic cards, will you be purchasing this?

    Out of interest, what OS will you be using? I have my main PC running Win 7 HP 64 here and a second I7 2600K on Win 8.1 that I’m starting to like tweaked to my satisfaction and without Metro interface, might even switch to 8.1 for both PC’s.




    1. Hi Colin,
      Yes, indeed the old system was not bad at all, having around a smooth 30fps in average. That’s also one of the reasons why I kept pushing my purchase again and again.
      Thought about getting the 780Ti. Gave it up since 780 should be good enough. Also save some money for other peripherals such as the 1300W power supply.
      One of my 250GB SSD is solely for FSX and a Hybrid 2TB will be for scenery addons etc. Still figuring how to configure and reinstall FSX. Also, the coming P3D v2 is a concern too. Maybe I’ll get a new SSD for it. Not sure yet.
      Yes, new OS will be 8.1 Your message enhances my confidence when I start installing.
      BTW, anything in particular you see I should pay attention to while running FSX or P3D under Win 8.1?


      1. Hi Tom, at the moment FSX and P3D V 1.4 are on my Win 7 machine, the Win8.1 PC is for general games and use to save wear and tear on my overclocked I7 3960X six core beastie but I’ve heard nothing bad about FSX or P3D V1.4 on Win 8 and with the free .1 update to the OS it seems even better.

        Only casualty I know that had problems on Win 8 was IL2 Cliffs of Dover but there is a fix for that and if you use that sim the excellent free Team Fusion mod is mandatory and fixes that issue too.

        Way to go on the SSD usage, thats what I do here too, separate SSD for OS, separate SSD for FSX and separate SSD for P3D with a WD 1 TB Velociraptor for scenery and other flight sims.



  3. Well believe if you’re not a computer expert now, you will be one after this build. Do you have some SSD’s included as well? Have similar setup and even without oveclocking (not have had time yet) it is performing great. Re-installed ETS2 on HDD as it was running to fast on SSD. :))

    Moving to my new place is indeed a big step forward. Now on my bicycle to work and not two hours by car every day.


    1. Yes, I do get 2 Intel 530 SSD, one 120GB for system and one 250GB for FSX. Also, got a hybrid HDD 2TB for addons.
      It’s good to have physical everyday, not just environmental friendly, right?


  4. OMG, I wish my computer die, so I’ll be able to justify such an upgrade in front of my wife…..she always think that if the button is light up and there is a fan noise, it means the computer is just fine and there is absolutely no point to give more money for upgrades…
    …Tom, you are lucky man….Happy setup as well!


    1. I don’t know if your wife uses computer. My wife does and she encounters strange problems all the time — well, mostly due to forgetness. And I am of course the one to fix it. Just sometimes shows a bit of impatience and she knows the soundness of a computer is more than just lights and fans. haha.


  5. I had a similar problem, and thought I’d try my hand at building my own. I was a little hesitant to do since I have never done anything like that before.
    I’m so glad I did, and it was easier than I thought. I love my computer, it’s a powerhouse compared to what I would have by buying one, and at half the price


    1. Yes, PC DIY isn’t as complicated as most people think nowadays. Not only the saving, you could also master the good and bad of your set up and more capable of pushing it to the limited.


  6. Hi Tom, seems like a good buy and something that had to happen.
    Finally moved into my new home. Still long way and lots to do before I can start simming.


  7. Well, let me add my name to the condolence list; but it sure sounds like your new system will be worth waiting for! Happy Setup!


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