Misc: Computer Broken Down

Hi All,

Please note that my computer has broken down these days.   Will not be able to response to comments and requests these days.



9 thoughts on “Misc: Computer Broken Down

      1. Pretty much, still testing and tweaking but I did get more FIP’s plus I had to change a few things around in the box but I’ve test flown set at 40 fps with everything in for software(UTX,GEX,REX some scenery) The PMDG 737 runs at 35 to 40 at most airport.
        I’ve been testing a small 4 port powered USB 3.0 with the fip and no issue so far runs very smooth. I did logged in multiplayer with a group and no issue also.

        I’m happy you will be up and running on new engine!!!lol It will be a nice setup.


      2. Sounds excellence. You must have taken a lot of time to plan it ahead and configure it. My head is still a bit spinning in the cloud regarding the structure of it. Also I’ll definitely incude P3D v2 to my system when it launches next week. Its description is quite promising.
        Yes, I bought a few solid powered USB 3 hubs as well. Look forward to trying them on the new rig as you know USB 3 is taking over as mainstream.


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