Misc: A Subjective Intention on Saitek Driver

Following is the comment I just received from Kim in Switzerland who expressed his thoughts about Saitek’s support. I think it is very well said. So I repost it here for more simmers to read, even though it is only our subjective intention.

Hi Tom,

I remember reading about this easy “Switch off” procedure in the Saitek FIP user guide. Something “not missing” in this old Saitek driver…

This is an easy way to turn off the display of the FIP on the hardware itself.
By pressing the “up” or “down” arrow button on the FIP scroll through your different gauges until you see the “Saitek serial number image” or one of the other images on the display.

Now while you see one of these pictures press only one of the “S1” to “S6” buttons on the left side of the FIP. This does not cut off the electric power of the FIP but the display will turn black now.
To turn on the FIP again just scroll with the “up” or “down” arrow button. The next available gauge will be displayed.

You can leave your FIP so it will reset to “default” on the next FIP restart (USB unplug/replug).
If you want to come back to “default” before restart just press whatever S1 to S6 button when you see the black display. The “Saitek serial number image” or one of the other images will be displayed again.

This procedure is not as good as your “Turn off the FIP” add-ons coded to be embedded in the gauge. However it’s quite convenient.
Something useful in the Saitek driver…

To my meaning the Saitek driver is really “weak”. Tom you know it better than me! When it comes to gauges coding there is a lot of missing commands.

I own five FIPs now. How many do you own? How many owners are we in the “Global Village”. We should all ask for a driver upgrade from Saitek. These FIPs are not cheap, they are good stuff and they are reliable. It’s just that old driver. It needs a good upgrade. I think skilled coders like you and all users deserve it. Every serious hardware company upgrades not only hardware but software as well. Why not Saitek?

The FIP has a diagonal display of 3.385 inches for about US$ 150.– a piece. That’s 44.30 bucks per inch! With 8 buttons and 2 rotating buttons but no brightness and no contrast settings! And a frustrating driver. How big is your monitor? Let’s say 23” only. At a rate of 44.30 per inch that would be more than 1’000.— US$. Probably a high standard hardware probably supplied with a web access to regular drivers upgrades. I think the Saitek FIPs are high standard hardware and that they only need a better driver. An up to date driver.

FSX Times readers if you have the time to read this you might have time to send a message to Saitek. All readers might have time to do that. They have a Customer Service and a Blog on their website.

Regards from LSGS,


The original comment could be found here.


5 thoughts on “Misc: A Subjective Intention on Saitek Driver

  1. Saitek driver is very limited. The way they communicate with the driver (a pipe with 1kb packets) is absolutely awful. If you are using SDK to send an image to FIP it takes 24 packets to send ONE image through the pipe. No wonder the FIP Toolkit can’t do more than 15 FPS on FIP gauge in the “live” mode. And they only added the serial number identification for the FIPs in the latest driver, that’s a few years after the hardware got released on the market. I have no idea why they are so fracking lazy with the driver and other software development for their far from being cheap hardware. And as far as I could see there’s no e-mail or any other contact information for the PM (project manager) for the Saitek hardware. I could give them some ideas on how to improve the driver and SDK. However I doubt they will listen…


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