Update: Corrections to Post 218 – 220

Thanks to Michael Johnson who pointed out some problems and errors when applying the Turning Off the FIP options in Post 218, 219 and 220.

The OFF screen mask images previously uploaded to WordPress wouldn’t correctly revert to its original BMP format by simple renaming method.   The images obviously were modified during the upload process.   So, I have created a direct download link.

Just save the images to the respective folders as described in the post will do.

All double quotation marks in the original command scripts in text format were also modified by WordPress.  This makes the scripts unreadable when using the copy and paste method.

To avoid confusion, the scripts in the original posts were taken out completely.   Instead, users need to type the short scripts as shown in the Post by themselves.

This also corrects the mistake I made in the (A: ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, bool) line, where I inadvertently edited out the “<Value Minimum=”0″ Maximum=”1″>” and “</Value>” for the command.

Contents of the affected Posts have been updated accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Update: Corrections to Post 218 – 220

  1. Thanks Tom! Glad I could help. The gauges you make are fantastic replacements for the default ones. Now I just need to get 7 more FIP’s so I don’t have to toggle between gauges. ;)


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