219: Turning Off the FIP#2 – Altimeter

(Updated on: 24 October 2013)  This is part two of the Turning Off the FIP series.   This time is the Altimeter.

Similarly, save the image on the right to the \1024 folder where you keep the VS indicator (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\1024) via the link below: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25018674/Gauges-C172/C172_Gauges_130815_OFF/C172_ALT_OFF.bmp

Remember that the image must be saved as it is in BMP format — C172_ALT_OFF.bmp

Open the C172_ALT_130815.xml with Notepad or any text editor. The file should be one directory up from the \1024 folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\)

From line #64 in the file, type and insert the whole script as shown and highlighted in the picture below.  You could search for “C172_ALT_NeedleS.bmp” in order to locate the line position quickly.


Save the file and exit.

Run FSX as usual with the FIPs.   You’ll see the Altimeter (plus the Vertical Speed Indicator) now “turned off” when the Master Battery is off.

12 thoughts on “219: Turning Off the FIP#2 – Altimeter

  1. Hello Tom,

    It seems like no matter how often or careful I am trying to subscribe, I still can’t have access to any of the links you provide. What am I doing wrong??


    *Marc R. Beauvais* Val-d’Or (Québec) CANADA Tel: +1 (819) 856-7810 ¦ Skype: mrb-08


    1. Hi Marc,
      Nothing wrong you have done. Except a few with links, most of my downloads are via email. Put your request in the Comment section, like you did here, I will response in earliest possible.


  2. Great work Tom, the FIP’s are really coming into their own now, hope they work with the forthcoming P3D V 2.0 as I can see this eventually taking over FSX for me.



  3. Hi Tom,
    Great work on all the gauges! I sent Saitek a request to please help with the programming on the FIPs when using the A2A 172 Trainer as well as posted a similar request on the A2A forums. Hopefully somebody will take the initiative! ;). Anyway, can you send me any of you gauges applicable the the cessna singles, please?
    Thanks, Steve


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