News: FSDevConf Dates Announced

The organizers of the FS Developer Conference (FSDevConf) just announced that the weekend of 15th November 2013 has been confirmed to run the event.

FSDevConfFSDevConf is the first ever conference for flight simulator developers, to be hosted online for anyone in the world to participate in.

The event is based on the concept of a similar successful conference from the game development industry led by the AltDevBlogADay organizers, in the hopes of specifically targeted towards developing for flight simulator platforms such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane.

The event will feature talks from basic to advanced covering topics such as airport design, modeling, texturing, audio, networking, publishing and more.

The entire conference can be watched live in streaming HD720p on both Google+ and YouTube and viewers will be able to interact with the speakers in Q&A sessions after each talk.

“A full schedule of sessions will be released in the beginning of November with the main focus on Saturday between mid-morning US and late-evening Europe, but depending on speaker availability other times during the weekend may be planned as well,” say the organizers.

Although every session (including Q&A) will be archived and available for viewing after the event, the organizers encourage both active developers and those interested in developing to attend the live sessions.

The original press release can be found here.

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