218: Turning Off the FIP#1 – VS Indicator

(Updated on: 24 October 2013 Just recalled reading a question somewhere before — “Is turning off the Fligth Instrument Panel (FIP) possible?”

Yes, it’s possible by unplugging it from the USB socket.

I know it is not what the question really asks for.   But truly, when the FIP is connected with electricity powered, there isn’t “A Switch” that one can turn off the FIP, unfortunately.

Well, for those who are using my C172 gauges, here’s an alternative:


Let’s start with the Vertical Speed Indicator.

Also, let’s have some interactions: I show you how and you do the modification yourself.

C172_VS_OFF.bmpThe image on the right is the OFF screen image that will mask the indicator when the battery power is off.

Save the image to the \1024 folder where you keep the VS indicator (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\1024) via the link below: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25018674/Gauges-C172/C172_Gauges_130815_OFF/C172_VS_OFF.bmp

Note that the image must be saved as it is in BMP format — C172_VS_OFF.bmp

Now comes the fun part.

Open the C172_VS_130815.xml with Notepad or any text editor.  The file should be one directory up from the \1024 folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\)

From line #3 in the file, type and insert the whole script as shown and highlighted in the picture below:


Save the file and exit.

Then run FSX with the FIP attached as usual.   You’ll see the VS Indicator now “turned off” when the Master Battery is off.


Surely this simply works as an emulation but I find it amusing.

This is the first of the five series of the “Turning off the FIP” for my C172 gauges.   Remaining will come in every two/three days each.


10 thoughts on “218: Turning Off the FIP#1 – VS Indicator

  1. Related to the question of: “218: Turning Off the FIP ” you can stop the FIPS display by stopping the “Saitek DirectOutput” service which is setup as automatic by default. Could you please send me the modified C172 saitek gauges. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Occam,
      I know there are a few other options to turn off the FIP. My approach just adds fun to it.
      BTW, you have to subscribe to FSX Times (not WordPress) in order to get my downloads. That’s the basic requirement.


  2. Hi TomHave just discovered your website must be the best yet and had to sign
    up I have recently treated my self to saitek instrument panels and am not very impressed with the displays,nice hardware but let down by the software so I would be great full if you could sent me the download links
    to gauges they look very impressive .
    Thanks Mark


  3. Great for a quick turn around at the airport!!! lol
    Also I replaced my USB bar with one that as a switch for each input so I can turn off what I don’t want plus as you posted before it makes it better to turn off before start and better then reach in the back to plug or unplug the FIP.


  4. Hi Tom, yet another great idea. Really like this one. Love the whole idea of it.
    Although its not really off its a good simulation.
    Such a pity I can not try this due to the fact all my stuff has been packed for my move.
    Thanks again for sharing it with us.


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