214: The C172 Trainer is still a Migraine

Update:  I’ve just got my refund back from A2A.  There wouldn’t be a solution to the FIP gauge issues, at least not for the short future.  Frankly, the product is quite good.  What a pity!

Despite the excellent design and graphic renditions,  the A2A C172 Trainer is really a migraine when coming to the Saitek gears.  Gauge reading problems encountered have been reported on its support forum but so far non solution is reached.

Followings are images showing the RPM readings on Saitek’s FIPs, iPad’s RF Cockpit and FSi C172 Cockpit.   The readings on all these platforms are consistent.   But not the A2A C172 one.

RPM Readings shown on FIP gauges and iPad’s RF Cockpit

RPM Readings shown on FIP gauges and iPad’s FSi C172 Cockpit

Similarly, the Fuelflow, ETG, VAC, Oil Temp, AMP on all existing platforms are the same.  Just the A2A C172 shows differences.  Note the ETG and Oil Temperature are vastly different from the FIP and FSi ones.

Vastly different EGT and Oil Temperature Readings on the C172

Explanations from the company are:

We replaced almost everything in FSX. FS engine is very good to recreate a generic aircraft but when you go deeper into details of a particular aircraft, you have to cut it off the generic core and plug into a dedicated system designed for this particular aircraft.

The standard variables are constantly overwritten by FSX engine with its own, usually incorrect, calculations.

Yet, above explanations still couldn’t clear my doubt since:

  • If A2A thinks the standard codings for FSX are not correct or accurate, why the AirSpeed, Altimeter, Vertical Speed, Directional Gyro gauges, using the standard codes are all working correctly with their product?
  • What makes the RPM gauge so special that A2A has to develop special codings for it?
  • Similar reasons that drove A2A making changes to the FuelFlow, EGT and Oil Temperature codes as well?

If there’s no solution, hope that a refund is possible since the Trainer simply is “unserviceable” in my setup.

35 thoughts on “214: The C172 Trainer is still a Migraine

  1. The year is 2015,
    I’m sad to confirm the issue remains unresolved to this day.
    I wish I came across this blogpost before buying the A2A from the flightsim store which has a strict no refund policy.

    I really like the A2A Cessna, but the wrong readings make it worthless for my setup. (not to mention the hassle to get the saitek panels working properly).

    If you read this and are having doubts on buying the A2A cessna; DO NOT BUY if you use third party software for gauges/controls. In any other case, it is still the best Cessna 172 around.


    1. Even though A2A is responsing to of our issue quickly and politely in a way, they keep saying that they are not responsible for the hardware issue and say it should be the hardware company to tackle it. That really pisses me off since they are the one not complying to the Standard. If they have no intention to deal with it, just say it, rather than pushing the blame to others.


    2. I received a confirmation from PayPal this AM confirming my refund.

      Here is the PM I received from Scott-A2A confirming my refund and my disappointment that it couldn’t be worked out; maybe some time in the future?


      No problem Rick and I’m also sorry this couldn’t work. We will be contacting various hardware manufacturers soon to see if there is a way to make this happen.


      Rick S.


  2. Thank you tom but the xml file i dont understand and add xml file.
    i have many gauger from you but what fil did i add in direct output here for 172 gauger


  3. Hello Tom
    Did you have this nice gauge for me C172 Integrated Fuel Gauges
    And RPM for twin engine.
    I working whith ga airplane in norway and have 12 saitek gauges and radios


    1. Hi Rune,
      To be eligible to get my gauges, you have to subscribe to this blog. That’s the only requirement.
      After you have done it, inform me again and will send you the gauge.

      Just found your name in the subscriber’s list. Sorry about that. The links have been sent to you by email.


  4. Hi Tom,

    This A2A C-172 to Saitek FIP or outside Apps could come from the SimConnect configuration. I don’t own the A2A myself so this is just an idea. I don’t know if the A2A C-172 uses SimConnect at all !?

    Another idea, before to tweaking around. Try to use the A2A C-172 with a different panel like the defaut FSX C-172. Check your FIPs again. They might be working now. You’ll loose the beautifull panel and interior of the A2A, but the basic C-172 should fit for testing.

    Regards from partially clouded LSGS area.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Kim. Have tried what you suggested. Actually, there’s nothing special in my codings. A2A also knows my codings are standard XML. It’s just the codes they use don’t compatible with the standard one. That’s what they said.


  5. Big difference as for the RPM!!! more the it should and live with.
    I hope they will fix it soon also, seem like a nice aircraft with some nice features.



  6. Tom thanks for all your efforts. i’m not going to ditch my 12 gauges for one plane.
    Do not understand A2A’s reply/stand on this.


  7. I’ve been thinking of getting a set of FIP’s, hope this gets ironed out. Btw just got the Saitek TPM, they’re pretty smooth going in and out, but is it normal to have the side to play on the throttle? Its more wobbly than the prop and mixture.



      1. Ohh hi Tom, if I grab the throttle knob and wiggle it side to side, there is more side to side play (or looseness when wiggling side to side) than when I do the same thing with the prop knob. If I try and wiggle the prop knob side to side there is very little, if any at all, side to side movement or looseness. Is this normal for these units? Hope that explains it better. Thanks and thanks for your very helpful blog my friend!



      1. Ok thanks for checking guys. The thing that really bothers me most is if you pull the throttle all the way out, when you go to push it back in, the knob itself travels about 1/8th inch before the actual shaft starts to travel, kinda annoying. I’m use to the vernier throttle in the real Cessna, so that ain’t helping either. Sounds like I got a dud. Exchange time. Amazons my friend :)


      2. I checked the throttle on C172 and T210, don’t have the issue you mentioned.
        Have you checked the calibration of your TPM? I have its Sensitivity in full at 127; Null Zones – all axes: 1


      3. Hi Tom, hey thanks for checking again my friend! No its not a function issue, my TPM functions perfectly with all my addon aircraft. Its the construction fit of the hardware itself. Pull your throttle back to full idle, now add power again and look at the shaft as you push on the knob with your fingers. Does the knob slide forward on the shaft before the shaft itself starts moving forward? Mine does a good 1/8″ or more.


  8. Well should “stuck” with the wonderful carenados for the moment. After reading your feedbacks on this awaited A2A product, it’s seems that a company strong on some other software products for FS could have some lacks when creating a flying model. More disappointing is when there is no logic in answering customers or when the question remains unanswered.
    Sorry for you guys for paying the price and thank you for giving your feedback.


  9. Tom, I agree with you. I’ve tried myself the changes suggested on the A2A forum without any result.
    In an other aspect I’ve asked why it’s impossible to ear any sound if I fly in 2D cockpit : Answer

    [quote=”Scott – A2A”]Christian
    You need to be in the VC to hear internal sounds.

    I think that A2A released this C172 hoping the feed back will help them to tune it !



      1. Actually if you PM Scott, he’ll probably refund you your money if its just not working out for you. The VC clickpots were not not working for me, so I publicly asked on their forums what their refund policy would be because of this issue. I was told by Scott to PM himself or Lewis and I would be taken care of, and indeed I was. I had my money back that evening. A2A is a company with integrity.

        They have since issued a hotfix for the clickspot issue, and Scott told me I could re-install the AC and test it out, and if it fixed the problem, I could re-buy it at fifty percent off. So that’s what I’m doing right now, and so far so good. As someone who regularly rents Cessna 172’s in real life, I can confidently say this simulates the feel much more accurately than anything thus far I’ve experienced in 30 years of desktop flight simulators for a 172.

        Though I have been contemplating some fips myself, I’m finding it quite enjoyable with just my Saitek Cessna Yoke, Rudders, Switch Panel, and TPM. I also run Foreflight or WingX Pro 7 with it as I do in real life. Woot!


      2. THanks Chris for the suggestion. I’ll probably do it if I don’t hear more suggestion back from A2A in a few days.
        Said many times that I really like to see the aircraft works. What a pity if it couldn’t fit to my hardware.


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