214: The C172 Trainer is still a Migraine

Update:  I’ve just got my refund back from A2A.  There wouldn’t be a solution to the FIP gauge issues, at least not for the short future.  Frankly, the product is quite good.  What a pity!

Despite the excellent design and graphic renditions,  the A2A C172 Trainer is really a migraine when coming to the Saitek gears.  Gauge reading problems encountered have been reported on its support forum but so far non solution is reached.

Followings are images showing the RPM readings on Saitek’s FIPs, iPad’s RF Cockpit and FSi C172 Cockpit.   The readings on all these platforms are consistent.   But not the A2A C172 one.

RPM Readings shown on FIP gauges and iPad’s RF Cockpit

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