Help to Make A2A Aware of the FIP Problems

Below is a comment sent to me by James (jsrickel) this morning:

It might be a good idea if we all leave feedback on the A2A forum mentioning the gauge read error. I haven’t yet experienced it myself since my flight simulator computer is not complete, but I trust what you are experiencing and, no doubt, will experience the same when I get it up and running, unless A2A fixes the problem. We can back you up by helping to make them aware of the problem.

It’s a good idea since so far I see no one but me raising the FIP reading issues in the forum.   If so, the chance for getting a fix in the coming update patch is minimal.

If you have FIPs and the aircraft, or if you are planning to get it, let’s leave a comment about the problem at A2A’s C172 Training Support Forum here to raise the company’s attention.

9 thoughts on “Help to Make A2A Aware of the FIP Problems

  1. Saw this on a A2A thread. Would this fix RPM problem?

    Yippee – I’ve made some progress today and now have an RPM gauge in simPlugins Panel Builder that exactly matches what the A2A C172 gauge is doing. Just a warning I think you need a licensed copy of FSUIPC to do this. In case it is of help to anyone else this is what I did:

    1. For Panel Builder use the MS Flight Simulator (FSUIPC) Interface (not the Simconnect Interface)

    2. Find the simPluginsFSUIPC.ini. Mine is in C:\Users\Rich\AppData\Roaming\simplugins\PanelManagerPRO

    3. Change the entry in simPluginsFSUIPC.ini for RPME0 so that it reads RPME0 = double,66CA

    4. Open notepad and create a file as follows:

    — Loop forever: to stop this you’ll have to use the LuaKill control on it.
    while 1 do

    Eng_RPM = ipc.readLvar(“L:Eng1_RPM”)

    ipc.writeDBL(0X66CA, Eng_RPM)

    — DELAY


    5. Save this file as a lua file (mine is A2AGauges.lua) in your FSX Modules folder.

    6. Run FSX, switch to the A2A C172 and start and connect the MS Flight Simulator (FSUIPC) Interface and start Panel Builder and it should work.


    1. Hi Terry,
      Thanks for sending the fix over regarding RPM problem on A2A Cessna. The problem I was talking about was related to Saitek’s Flight Instrument Panel. Do you know if your fix to simPlugins Panel Builder applies to FIP as well since I don’t have Panel Builder.
      If possible, could you send me your simPluginsFSUIPC.ini file for my reference?


  2. I am sorry to say that from what I have seen in the A2A C172 forum, I don’t think there will be a “fix” for our problems. They say that they had to rewrite the coding because FSX was not correct or accurate. Not sure why it worked correctly in all of the other aircraft if that is the case.

    I believe their solution is for talented people like you to write two different set of codes/gauges; one for them and one that works for all other aircraft. I am not sure if that is a challenge you wish to tackle. I, probably we, would understand your reluctance.

    Rick S.


    1. Tried to map the readings between the virtual and Saitek RPM gauges but result not satisfied.

      BTW, I think A2A is quite arrogant to say that the whole FSX world is wrong and they are correct.


  3. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for jumping in on the A2A forum and giving such a detailed response. I think the problem may be a greater issue that Lewis from A2A alludes to in his reply on the “C172 and Saitek FIP Panels” thread:

    “You will have to use some custom mapping and what not to get these units to work correctly as everything you have mentioned so far is all custom programmed as FSX wasn’t able to deliver realistic performance using its one shoe fits all approach.”

    It looks like they program outside the core FSX simulation in order to achieve realism in their aircraft. Having never owned or used an A2A Accu-Sim aircraft, or done any research on how their aircraft behave with Saitek FIPs, I never came across the discussion of this issue. But, it stands to reason that the problem would exist in their other aircraft, also, assuming they are programming them the same way.

    A later post in this thread seems to confirm this:

    “Accu-sim adds simulation outside of the core of FSX so products that were designed only to read default FSX aircraft (or aircraft designed to operate within the limitations of standard FSX aircraft) tend to have problems like you have encountered. Maybe they can come up with a way to output the necessary data to such devices though.”

    If the last sentence above is true, there is still hope. It will just be a matter of figuring out how to output the necessary data. I’m not sure if it will be worth it in the end, though. This is beginning to get really complicated and over my head. I really hope it can be worked out, because I love this plane!



    1. Thanks for the note, James. Same to you, I really want to see this aircraft useable in regular FSX setup. It is my first A2A aircraft as well. Never thought that using it is so troublesome.
      I stop using it until a fix arrives.
      Like I said, it could be one of the best if all glitches are mended. Otherwise, I have no choice but to give it up.


  4. Hey, Tom. I gave A2A my feedback on the gauge reading issue. I hope everyone else will follow suite. It looks like a few have posted on this topic and Lewis from A2A was kind enough to make a general response.

    Also, I was just curious…did you try using the stock Saitek gauges or someone else’s gauges to try to reproduce this error? I was wondering if the problem is just with your gauges or an issue across the board with the Saitek FIP. Anyone else have any such experience?



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