212: Darn, I Paid to be a C172 Beta Tester

I am a bit exhausted in “fixing” the various issues of the C172 Trainer in the last few days.

Obviously, I am not the only one facing the dilemmatic situation. I particularly like the saying from jgraddon who put down on the support forum about the situation that he faces:

It seems I may have paid $49.99 for the privilege of being a beta tester once again.

It is exactly how I feel.

I really want to like the C172 based on the builds, the details, the graphics and the efforts that the company put onto it.   But I must say that it is not error-free.  And in particularly not user-friendly to anyone who has extended the virtual cockpit from on-screen into physical switches and gauges.

Some of the issues associated with flight panels I reported in my last Post were in a way fixed and a few are still waiting to be solved.

Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word “fixed” since many of these issues were incompatibilities which I am required to adjust and modify my system (both hardware and software) in order to make them work.  The adjustments also involve using other addons and drivers (FSUPIC, SPAD, LINDA, etc), which no doubt further complicates the issue if someone has never used these drivers before.

Shouldn’t an addon be easily added to a system and adapted to widely used accessories rather than requires a lot of customizations and workarounds in order to perform?

Don’t tell me that “it is a different product” etc, etc.  I don’t buy this kind of argument.   Of course, you don’t have to agree with me.

Not a clue if it is my gauge which doesn’t the C172 Trainer or the other way around.

Furthermore, I still don’t have a clue to the inconsistent reading issue found on my RPM and FuelFlow gauges.   None feedback so far after I reported the issue in the product’s support forum.   The “malfunction” of these FIP gauges simply makes the aircraft “unserviceable“.

Also, the engine hours shown on the aircraft is different from the gauge’s display as well.  Furthermore, the SPAD driver quitted inadvertently a number of times between flight sessions.

It’s no doubt that the concept and design of the C172 Trainer are good.  But all these “goodnesses” still couldn’t stop me from saying that this C172 Trainer is complicated and problematic.

If you are one of those people who have a bunch of hardware gauges and panels and are thinking of getting a copy of it in short future, I strongly recommend you to hold your purchase intention for now until some real fixes are settled.

Of course, it is up to you if you don’t mind to pay for the privilege to be another beta tester.

22 thoughts on “212: Darn, I Paid to be a C172 Beta Tester

      1. You might want to look at that post Tom.

        Question there about customized gauges being the problem? Certainly the graphics are customized but I believe the xml file language is making normal calls.

        Correct me if I am wrong

        Rick S.


  1. Hi Tom!
    Yes, you’re completely right. I belong to these beta testers as well as to these, who have a home cockpit with nearly every Saitek stuff, wich exist. Let’s say, this C172 could be one of the best, I’ve seen for FSX and if there wouldn’t be these problems, it would be really fun to use it. But I’m also a bit disappointed to see “as real as it gets” on the one hand but so minimal support for hardware on the other hand. OK, I have a payed version of FSUIPC and also use SPAD but anyway, I had had never so much to fix manually to get everything working… But also the flight dynamics needs to be fixed, the elevator sensitivity for example. OK, I’ve just 90min. experience in flying the 172N in real, but I can’t remember, that “she” was so “nervous”.
    But the forum is very active at the moment and there are a lot of requests concerning fixes to buttons, trimaxis, sensitivity, brakes and so on, so that I hopefully looking forward to a service pack…

    Let’s see, what happens!

    Cheers and happy Landings


    1. Exactly and we all hope that the update patch could fix the issues. But I am a bit afraid since not too many people mentioned about the FIP reading issues. Hope that A2A will look at them as well.


      1. It might be a good idea if we all leave feedback on the A2A forum mentioning the gauge read error. I haven’t yet experienced it myself since my flight simulator computer is not complete, but I trust what you are experiencing and, no doubt, will experience the same when I get it up and running, unless A2A fixes the problem. We can back you up by helping to make them aware of the problem.


  2. Tom, Thank you for the information! I just purchased and installed this aircraft last evening and am experiencing some of the minor inconveniences that you have mentioned with Saitek products primarily the FIP’s. I also had to redo the panel.cfg to add back the default garmin 500 which runs my desktop aviator gps display as well as add a custom panel for the voxatc voice panel as well.

    Overall I’m hopelessly in love with this aircraft and all of the care/feeding that is necessary to keep it purring like a kitten. I have faith that this aircraft will be updated to fix the issues that have been brought to light in the coming weeks if not sooner.


  3. Add me to the list that has increased their frustration level to a point where I have just stop loading FSX. I have a total of 21 Saitek devices including 12 FIP’s and find loading the Trainer to be like a new box of chocolates every time I load it. I am putting it aside until A2A can get it right. I hate to think of what “the fixes” I have applied are going to do to all of my other aircraft.

    I will admit that what I have seen to date is very impressive and hope they can fix the issues without me having to make changes to FSX to accommodate A2A.

    Rick S.


  4. Tom,

    I am set to write the Avsim review of the A2A C172. I delayed the start so the SP1 could be released to catch most of the complaints.

    Have you also had the problem of the click spots disappearing?

    Would you be interested in writing a section of the review that addresses the problems with our Saitek hardware?

    Scott and Lewis estimate the SP1 to be available in about 2 weeks.


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Ray,
      Click Spots? What is it?
      If you mean pointing and clicking by mouse in the cockpit? Yes, I do see them.
      If not, please explain what it is.
      Yes, I’ll be interested to contribute to your review regarding Saitek part. Let me know what format and information you need.
      Glad to hear that SP1 is coming soon.


  5. Thanks, Tom. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the purchase of the trainer which I have been delaying until my flight simulator computer is finished. I’ll keep an eye on the progress of these issues since my setup includes many Saitek FIPs and all of their other gear. Because of your tireless curiosity and faithful reporting, all the rest of us have a head start in dealing with these issues. Big thanks, again!


  6. Thank you for sharing this with us. Real pity this good looking product has these problems and turns out – currently – is an addon with quirks. Hopefully they’ll fix them as I’d love to use it.


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