208: A “Light” Variation in RPM Indicator

If you are one of those who’s been waiting for the second mailing of my new C172 gauges, here’s something to cheer you up while counting your fingers for the day , especially if you own a Saitek Switch Panel.
It’s commonly known that the biggest defeat of the Switch Panel is the lack of indicator lights for the associated switches.

Although I described how to replace some of the black-colored rocker switches with red-, white- and green-colored switches in Post 111, the operation of the panel is still far from ideal when used in the dark; not to the mention that only limited users have the components and skill to carry out the modification for the panel.

Now with this “Light” variation, we don’t have to guess the status of the switches any more when simming in a dim cockpit.

To those who signed in for the C172 gauges up to this minuet (Aug-19, 18:24) should find this gauge variation in your mailboxes already.

New requests still have to wait until Sept-15.  Have fun!

37 thoughts on “208: A “Light” Variation in RPM Indicator

  1. Like the additional SAITEK gauges such as TACH, ADF, VOR and HSI. However, I cannot seem to locate a link to download these or your modifications/enhancements. Can you help me with this? Thank you.


  2. Hi Tom, thanks for the C172 gauges set mail on Sep. 13. Looks great! I’ll be on my Saitek FIPs setting right now. Its raining in LSGS, good day for tweaking my FSX.
    I look forward to the “light” variation in RPM indicator mailing.
    Best regards from the Swiss Alps, Kim


  3. thanks for your quick reply I meant when you put bips into a particular position and you want then to keep in that position


    1. thanks for the reply got the new dails but cant see 208 dails is this available tying to up grade my switch panel with coloured switches hard to get
      thanks john
      ps what does it mean must subscribe?


  4. hi john here cant seem to down load any of your gauges I am sure that I am on your list as you send me e-mails or am I doing something wrong spoke to Saitek about fixing how the gauges so they stay in the position you put them and they say it can not be done but they are working on it I would like to use some of your new dials I have 10 fips can you help


    1. Just in time, John. Have put you to the mailing list for the C172 gauges. You should receive the download link very soon.
      Can you specify what fixing are you talking to Saitek? I am not sure what you are referring to.


  5. Hi again,

    Could you also add me to your next mailing list for “Light” variation in RPM indicator please.

    Thanks again,



  6. Tom,
    Gauges you made are wonderful! Could you please send me an email to download them (the ones for the Cessna and the ones for T210)?
    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hi Tom, awesome. I work with the GoFLight non illuminated switch panel. This is what makes my day! Please put me up for the new C172 mailing list, incl. the light version here. Super. Thanks!


  8. Hi Tom, your last FIP are very interresting and I’ll be glad to try them.
    I’ll be glad to mail to you some short part of htlm code for further modification. I was helped by Philippe Verhaege in this attempt. Rgds Christian


      1. Hi Tom, I would be very glad to try your FIP gauges. The “light” variation on this RPM indicator looks very usefull. I personally light my Saitek switch panel with an external 3 leds lamp. Could you please add me to your mailing list. Regards, Kim


      2. Hi Kim, have added you to the next mailing list.
        I have used external LED before but found it a bit too bright. Of course, it fits you the most important.


  9. Tom,

    I have been subscribed for quite a while but have never seen the links to these gauges. You always post that it is there but I cannot, for the life of me, find it. I’ve scanned the email update send as well as the page that they direct you to, but I have yet to see where to actually get them.

    Bo S.


    1. Hi Bo S,
      There is no link attached to the page. As said many times, write your request for the download link in the comment section of the post. Then I will send it by email.
      Do understand that no all subscribers have Saitek gears.


      1. Tom,
        Gotcha! I went back and reread some of the older threads. Yep, feel dumb.

        Please send the gauges. I have put someones kid at Saitek thru college. 9 FIPs. 2 Radios, AP, Siwtch, TPM, 5 Throttles, 2 Yokes, BIP.

        PS, do you know if you can run two BIPs? With different lights of course.

        PSPS, Do I need to send a request from each thread for each gauge? If no, please send all you can. You gauges are truly the best anywhere. By far.


      2. Hi Bo S., have put you in the coming mailing list. You’ll receive all five together.
        Regarding BIPs, no quite sure if you can run two BIPs. In theory, it should be ok. You’d better ask Saitek.


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