207: Five C172 Gauges on 3rd Anniversary Day

It’s Aug-15, 12am.

For those subscribers who already signed in for my earlier announced C172 Fuel Gauges, CONGRATULATIONS, you are not just getting one but a total of five C172 gauges on this 3rd Anniversary Day of FSX Times.   The links by email should be arrived at your mailbox while you are reading this post now.

C172_AS_130815 C172_ALT_130815 C172_IFG_130815 C172_RPM_130815 C172_VS_130815
Except the new Integrated Fuel Gauges, the additional four gauges are revamped from the T210 counterparts but packed with more functions and facelifted to resemble the default C172 gauges as much as possible.

For example, the Temperature and True AirSpeed digital readouts are included in the AirSpeed gauge.  Although it is possible to make the White True AirSpeed dial to rotate accordingly for a more realistic appearance, the low resolution of the FIP and extensive design and programming efforts required are not justified — at least not for the moment.

Also, when the Engine is OFF or the Park Brake is ON, there are corresponding signs popping up in the gauges.

Even though there are still a few more gauges to be harnessed to complete the whole C172 cockpit, these five aeronautic indicators for now, when used in combination with my (or from Saitek or others’) other gauges such as the T210 Attitude Indicator, should pretty much meet the demands of C172 lovers.

Do Note that the needles of the gauges won’t be as sharp as images shown above.  This is due to the limited resolution of the FIP itself.

For the existing T210 gauges, similar changes will be implemented pretty soon.

On this 3rd Anniversary Day, there is no champagne or fireworks, and none of my family are even aware of it.  But I still feel quite fruitful in the past three years from FSX Times and I am very happy to share my FSX experience with fellow simmers from different parts of the world.

In a number of blog incidents, I talked about plans for FSX Times.  Some achieved, some postponed, some abandoned.  I will not talk about it anymore — I will just do it, when time and resources permit.

But for one thing, I keep considering recently.

Should FSX Times go for Donation?

It isn’t my original idea.

FSX Times is like a vault that keeps safe my FSX memory.   And as many of you know that I don’t even actively promote the blog via any means.

But having a cup of coffee donated by friends and supporters while sharing my hours of works and creations seems to be quite encouraging, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

Anyway, the idea is not going to happen tomorrow.

And for now, let’s

Have Fun with FSX !

For those of you who didn’t sign up for the C172 gauge in time, be patient to wait until 15-Sept.

Update: The link was sent on Friday 13th.  The Light variation of the RPM gauge was included in the package as well.

Edit: These instruments are no more available.

120 thoughts on “207: Five C172 Gauges on 3rd Anniversary Day

  1. Hi, I am sorry, that i pressed the wrong button and replied to “Laurents” comment instead of write a new one. I was unable to undo that and want to appolgice for that.


    1. Hi Tom,
      I am new in building a home cockpit and just got one nearly finished from a friend. It includes 10 FIPs and some other Equipmet from Saitek. I would like to build a C172 initially, before upgrading to a 2-engine acft. Would you be so niche and send mit the C172 gauges please.
      Thanks for the great work, i am fascinated by all the gauges you made so far.

      greetings from Salzburg/Austria LOWS



  2. Hi Tom,

    May please have the link to your C172 gauges especially the rpm gauge. You had earlier sent the gauges to me but I don’t have the rpm gauge. Warm regards.


      1. Hi Tom,
        Thank you very much for this prompt response. I am a private pilot in Luxemburg (Europe) and I fly PA28.
        Your work is very great and important for me because I am building me a cockpit with Saitek instruments.
        Thank you to share all this information’s with other enthusiasts of flying.
        Have a nice day,


      2. You’re welcome, Fernand. I’ll be visiting Europe in late September. Probably I will see your plane in the sky above when I am there ;)
        Seems like PA28 is the next hottest plane around private pilot. Will schedule its gauges to be my next project if I have time.


      3. Hi Tom,
        You are welcome in Luxembourg if this is possible for you. Therefore, we can have a trip on plane around the country. Let me know if you can make it to come.


      1. Hi Andy, you need to subscribe to FSX Times by entering your email in the subscription space provided since I normally ignore subscription via WordPress due to numerous spams.
        Anyway, the links have been sent to you by email. If you want future updates when available, you’d better redo the subscription again.


  3. As always, you work is amazing! Just wanted to know if links are sent to subscribers automatically or if we need to request them.

    Also I was wondering if the flaps and pitch on the vertical speed gauge could be included on the airspeed gauge? I am fond of flying the Mooney Bravo G1000 and I use the standby instruments on my FIP (airspeed, ALT, VSI).

    Also, any short routes you can recommend or nice airport to fly from/to? I fly a lot of one hour blocks (kids & stuff) and it would be great to hear from other GA pilots what they like to fly.

    I do agree with Michael above: you should include a donate link :)

    Cheers. Vincent


    1. Hi Vincent,
      The links will only be sent upon request (FSX Times subscribers only). Just notify me in the comment section of the gauge you want. I will response in earliest possible.
      Moving elements among FIP gauges are possible. Just need time for customizing.
      The followings are some of my favorite airports (with proper addons) for your interest: Hong Kong Kai Tak, FlyTampa; Hamilton Island, Aussie; Orcas I, FTX NA Blue; Concrete Mun, FTXNA Blue; Sion, Swiss FlyLogic; Madeira, Aerosoft.
      Yes, I tried to create a donation link but not successful due to different requestments in different regions. Am considering other means, say providing customization for a service charge, etc. But really don’t want to “commercialize” my work.


      1. If possible, I’d like both the Centurion as the 172 gauges as I want to play around which one looks best in my setup.

        Thanks for the airports! I’ll give them a try soon.

        Please don’t feel rushed to update the gauges. It was merely a request. I understand it is not a commercial operation, but I think every simmer can use some sponsorship to expand their horizon :)

        Thanks again Tom!


    1. Hi Gerard,
      Tried to sent you the link but your email returns a permanent fatal error.
      Check if you still receive my mail. If not, check your email setting and notify me again.


  4. Hi Tom

    Been using your gauges for a long time and appreciate your fine work. Somehow I have screwed up and lost a couple of the gauges namely the VOR etc. gauges. Could you please send me a new set of all the gauges for the Cessna 172 so I can fix all of this?

    Thanks for all you do, I really enjoy your newsletter, tips etc.



  5. Hello,
    it would be possible to have the Gauges of c172?
    Very great success good work

    thank you
    I am French, sorry for my bad English


  6. I’m going back to the default C172 as my default. Pls send link to the updated gauges. [Maybe they’ll help me to pay more attention to them, instead of enjoying the all the updated photo-realistic scenery out the window.]

    Also, if you need a challenge, I mounted a FIP gauge on top of my Advanced Cockpit Panel, for a whiskey compass, but finding it hard to find the time to program it. (Seems the trick is getting the simulated “analog” compass to both “spin” and “tilt” properly.)

    Keep up the great work (er, fun!)…


  7. Tom I think your gauges are real cool! I know its way past the 15th September!! But could you please let me have these amazing gauges! I currently have six FIPs in my setup. Yours certainly seem functional and far more professional! Great work and Thank you for sharing these with us.
    Kind regards, Eugene


  8. Hi Tom,
    Thank you very much for your hard work !!!

    Can you please send me acopy of those gauges?

    Thanks and keep the good working !!!


  9. Hello Tom,
    I’ve recently subscribed to you site and wanted to let you know that its awesome. I’m very new to flight sim but am a real world pilot looking to get an IFR rating so am really interested in any and all gauge addons you have suitable for a C172 or C185. I’ll add a pic of my set up to the cockpits file soon.
    Love your work.
    New Zealand.


    1. Hi Greg, just sent you the link for the C172 gauges. Note that the recent A2A C172 is using special codings in RPM and fuel gauges so that they are not compatible to my gauges. Other than that, default and other brand’s are working with no problem.
      Have fun,


  10. Hi Tom,
    I was thinking that maybe the Annunciator Panel lights could maybe incorporated in one of the gauge something like the switch position lights you have done on the RPM gauge, maybe on the bottom of the small gauge panel?

    They look great and will even be better with the new A2A C172.


      1. Hi Burak, the link was even sent earlier on Friday the 13th. Obviously you didn’t get it. Will send it to you again asap. I am with iPad now.
        Let me know if you still don’t get it within an hour. Also you might then need to check your spam setting.


  11. Hi Tom, How are you ? I’am on holiday in French Riviera, near Saint-Tropes a beautiful place what I know. I got your email and I very happy to a 3rd Anniversary of FSX Times. Long live the website and the community. So I didn ´t receive your link for five C172 gauges during my absenc. Can you send me this excellent work. Finally, here is my home cockpit. But Saitek drivers malfunctioning especially for multipanel. Would you give me a solution.

    Best regard

    José from France


      1. Hi Tom,
        Thank you very much for your kindness. I’m looking forward to September 15th happen.
        Can you give me the best drivers for Saitek devices (FIP multipanel, radio panel and backline panel).


  12. hi tom I do read all your fsx time and it is very helpful read the article on how to keep the same gauges set when you  close and open fsx asked one of the directors of mad cat about this and he said it can not be done but they where working on it ? so does you method work all so how can I get your latest c172 gauges you do a wonderful job keep it up kind regards john



    1. Hi John,
      Yes, just follow my instruction and you’ll see that you can have your FIPs starting in the right order.
      You are in the next mailing list for the 5 new gauges — that will be 15-Sept.


  13. Hi Tom,

    congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of this blog.
    Thanks for your hardwork and all these very useful informations you provide to the flight simmer community.
    Got your new gauges, excellent, thanks!


      1. Hi Tom, I have been all over looking for your Cesna 172 instructions on how to make it more powerful and I can’t find the post. Can you help. Is there any way to see the whole list of posts from 1 to the end.


  14. Excellent! Awesome looking gauges! Unfortunately, I missed the sign-up deadline. I will be looking forward with great anticipation to September 15th.


  15. Happy Third Tom!!!!
    We are very happy and thankful for your hard work.
    I wish you many more successful years with the blog as we’re lucky to have you share it with us.
    Excellent work on those gauge and if it’s any comfort, if I was running Saitek you would have a job proposal.

    Again a BIG THANK YOU!!!


  16. thanks alot tom , this is very very cool from you ;) thank you and keep going on your work , im glad too for some donations as it totally worth it


  17. As a nearly exclusive C172 pilot, I am very glad and thankful about these pretty and functional instruments. As you are asking: I would gladly donate a few Euros now and then for your hard work. Kind Regards, Michael


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