News: Colorado Camping Last Weekend

Vertical Studios‘ Mountain Flying in Switzerland Mission Pack has always been one of my favorites.   Especially when used with Flylogic’s Swiss Professional X and Sion, and FranceVFR’s Rhone-Alpes, the Mission Pack is not only fun but also realistic.  Indeed, adding the extra addons makes the whole trip very expensive, even though the product itself is low-priced.  Anyway, the company’s Mission Pack has since stayed on my must-buy list.


Colorado Camping Weekend is the company’s second Mission Pack.  It lauched probably a year ago.   Although I wanted to get it so much, I didn’t do it because the Mission Pack wasn’t a complete one.   After a long wait, the company finally released its last part, Day 4, yesterday.   The area coverage of the mission seems to coincide with BlueSky Scenery’s Colorado series, which is high quality freeware.  Check it out yourself if you are keen on flying Missions like I do.

12 thoughts on “News: Colorado Camping Last Weekend

  1. And in the near future Vertical Studios will release Big Budget Blockbuster. And that’s really a “WOW mission”, very good product, I can only recommend it !


    1. Bought the the first part in a trilogy last night and flew today, paid a little more because I think these missions are fantastic value, looks like another great storyline getting set up here with truly breathtaking scenery if you download the recommended free-ware scenery … really looking forward to the next two parts of this adventure and I hope Vertical Studio’s go on to do many more classy missions like this … 10/10

      I wonder if there is free-ware scenery of this quality for the rest of the Hawaiian Islands?


      1. Just got the release from Vertical Studio about the new mission. Will take a look later.
        Glad that someone like you are considerate to support developments like this.


  2. Hi all … this is Chris from Vertical Studios. Thanks so much for the little write up and for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed both mission packs!


  3. Totally agreed Tom, great missions, actually flew part 4 of the Colorado mission last night and without giving anything away, what a spectaculary visual ending!

    Chris mentioned in email to me last night he now wants to do more missions and I’m pleased about that because his are easily the best third party FSX ones.


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