197: Tidy Up FIP Gauges


By default, FIP gauges files are put under the DirectOutput folder.   However, when more and more gauges are added to the system, the gauge files accumulated under the folder and its subfolders, especially the 1024 folder where bitmaps are stored, are getting harder and harder to identify.

FIP Folder 06

To tidy them up in a logical manner, I created individual folders and subfolders for each gauge so that they could be easily managed when required.

FIP Folder 02

NOTE that each NEW gauge folder MUST contains its own 1024 subfolder for storing bitmaps.

When all the files are moved to their respective folders

FIP Folder 03
Edit the path of each Gauge module in the SaiFlightSimX.xml file accordingly.

For example, the path of my T210 AirSpeed has been changed


_____<Gauge Timeout=”100″ RootFolder=”Relative” File=”Gauges\T210_AirspeedW.xml”>

_____<Gauge Timeout=”100″ RootFolder=”Relative” File=”T210_Gauges\T210_AirSpeed


FIP Folder 04

When necessary, the XML notation introduced in Post 196 can also be used to deactivate (in case they are need in the future) all gauge modules that are no longer needed in the SaiFlightSimX.xml file.

FIP Folder 05

Processes taken for these changes involve only simple editing and cut and paste.  All FIP users should be able to create their own folder structure that is clean and well-organized with no difficulty.

7 thoughts on “197: Tidy Up FIP Gauges

  1. Hi Tom, I took the notion this week to do some gauge tidying up. On the agenda was to organize my gauges into working groups by airplane as you outline in this blog. 1st though I wanted to test run with one gauge and be sure I could create the desired effect.

    Creating the structure, inserting a test gauge and editing the XML file was easy enough. So I copied one gauge, C172_RPMWw_lights, to a copy of my current XML and deleted all of the references to other gauges and deleted the “side button” references altogether. Changed the location of the gauge xml file and added the 1024 folder as instructed.

    Well, it worked, sort of. The side buttons on the FIP lit up and they showed your normal button group (Map, Main, Radios, GPS, Panel 4, Panel 5); but I had removed the instructions? The gauge actually came up after pushing the “next gauge” button on the FIP; pressing the button again brought back the lit up side buttons and so on.

    Curious, did I miss something. Looking at both XML’s show no reference to the buttons?

    Rick S.


    1. Never mind, I figured it out!

      I had created a test directory under the Saitek directory called “DirectOutput C172 gauge pack”. I then renamed the current DirecOutput to DO copy. renaming the DirectOutput C172… as DirectOutput got me to a testing point.

      I remembered that FSX asking to authorize running SaiFlihgtSimX.exe at start-up was strange, but said okay. By doing so it created a new reference in the EXE.XML file to start SaiFlightSimX.exe in the test directory instead of the DO directory. It went to the test directory to start it and the reference was there to light the buttons? Not quite sure why it put them as 2 different gauges but likely something to do with space avail on the FIP. With the size of the gauge there would not have been room for the button descriptions.

      Anyhow, that’s what I think. I deleted the reference to the test directory in the EXE.XML and all is fine. Sure curious how it even found that to begin with?

      Rick S.


      1. Hi Rick,
        I recently did a computer maintenance and the files were moved to another location. The new links have been sent to your mailbox.

        Regarding your question about tidying up gauge locations, there’s nothing to do with the exe.xml file. All I did as mentioned in the post were:

        1. create a folder for the gauge I want to move to, for example, a new folder “C172_Gauges” under “DirectOutput”

        2. move the gauge’s xml file plus its 1024 images to the folder

        3. then, modify the SaiFlightX.xml to reflect the changes

        in example above, make sure the following is correct:

        “C172_Gauges\” must be the location where the folder now is. That will do.

        Actually, moving is simple. Just ensure to edit the SaiFlightX.xml file to point to the new location.

        Also note that after you create a new location and everything ok, a computer reboot will erase old memory location stored in RAM that sometimes messes up FIP display.



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