195: Run Addons Automatically


There are certain addons one may need to run before, during or after the loading of FSX.   For example, the pmSounds from Project Magenta is one msut-have feature I normally run alongside with the FSX.

Instead of clicking the addon’s program icon every time, I just put the addon in the following format:


Add the above module to the exe.XML file
under C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX — the directory where fsx.CFG is stored.

NOTE that this module must be added to the exe.XML file while FSX is NOT running.   Also, the path of the program (where the file is stored) must be clearly stated.

Then, from the next time you run FSX, the addon will be automatically loaded.

The following Security Warning will appear at the first time FSX loads the new addon module.  Just click [Run] and continue to install it.

The same module format and insertion method applies to many other third-party addons.    But NOT for those addons (such as REX and Shade for FSX) which needs to modify the contents of FSX.   In other words, these addons MUST be run and completed before the loading of FSX.

20 thoughts on “195: Run Addons Automatically

  1. Hi Tom,
    Just a quick follow up question about loading the pmSounds addon automatically via the exe.XML file. You may recall that I reported getting a “Run-time error ’53′: File not found” message. And it does run normally if I run it from my desktop icon. I’m reasonably certain that I entered all parameters correctly in the exe.xml file after checking multitudes of times.
    One final possibility occurred to me. Are you using the freeware or payware version? I’m using the payware version and wondered if this could have any bearing on this.
    Ed Humphreys


  2. Hi Tom,
    I’ve been playing with your procedure for adding addons in the xml.exe file and have had mixed success. The procedure you provide for loading PMSounds really caught my eye as I have and like that one myself. But when I add it to the xml.exe file and run FSX, I get a Run-time error ’53’:
    File not found message.
    The not found file is not identified. This has really got me scratching my head as I’m 100% sure I added it as you did. PMSounds does work normally if I manually load it prior to or after running FSX. I am running the payware version in case that makes a difference. Other addons that I placed in there do work, so I’m kind of baffled over this. I did notice that the others that do work do not have a dll file associated with them and my version of PMSounds does. Does your PMSounds have a dll file?? Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

    As always, thanks for all your hard work and wonderful advice!!
    Ed Humphreys


    1. Hi Ed,
      I just installed the pmSounds onto my new computer. Pretty straightforward and I don’t encounter the problem you mentioned. It has the dll file.
      My pmSounds files are stored in T:\pmSounds directory. So the path I add to xml is T:\pmSounds\pmsounds.exe
      If you haven’t, check if the path on your computer is properly pointing to the location where you story your pmSounds files.
      Also, when pmSounds is run the first time, it will create an entry, e.g. T:\pmSounds\pmsounds.exe.cnwwckhwbcncwcwrrhzwbnncaiioikotklwktclu=1 , under [Trusted] section in the fsx.CFG file
      Do check if this appears as well.
      You could reinstall everything as a last resort. Make sure the path is correct.


      1. No, I never heard of that DX10 patch since I don’t use DX10. Anyway, the site looks resourceful. Will spend sometime reading them. Thanks for the info. Tom


  3. Tom I want to make sure you get this as this is very frustrating. Have you ever heard of “smart assembly”. My FSX keeps crashing constantly telling me I need “smart assembly”. I found it is a program that costs $800 so I don’t think it’s really needed. It started when I installed Ultimate Traffic 2 I think and now the sim won’t run even when I uninstall UT2 probably because some files are left in the registry (I don’t have a clue, just a dumb guess). I’ve been pulling my hair out for over a week and now you are back and you are the only one I trust out here. There are many threads about this on the UT2 sight; I tried a few of the ideas and they didn’t work, including a new UIAtomation.dll and a new simconnect file. Neither fixed it. None of them know what they are talking about obviously. Do you have any idea of this if you have yourself any information or heard of this in your work with FSX. I have an Intel I7, 3770, Quad 600 with a Nvidia 680 as the main monitor and an Nvidia 620 for two VRInsight monitors. I have 18 GoFlight Instruments as well. Any idea would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I don’t have enough time to get out of the gate at this point and the sim crashes. Thanks so very, very much…..Rick


    1. Hi Rick,
      No, I haven’t heard of Smart Assembly before. If you never run the program on your system before, the case you described sounds like to me your system might be virus infected.
      If you did, then your system’s registries might be somehow messed up. Either case, the problem is very likely OS related.
      Do you have virus protection software installed? What’s the scanned result?
      Do you have system maintenance tools, such as Windows 7 Manager or jv16 Power Tool? Have you tried any other third-party cleaning tools?
      Also, have you tried running FSX without any third-party addons? If FSX can be started, you could then re-adding your addons one by one so as to isolate the problematic one(s).
      Just a few ideas since I can’t really check on your computer. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Rob,

      No, not for REX and Shade.

      1) Shade involes the swapping of some FSX texture files. So it MUST be run before FSX. Moreover, when you run Shade, FSX will be started automatically. So no need for such change.

      2) Similarly, REX does modifications to FSX. So it MUST be run while FSX is not running, too. You can start FSX from REX directly, however.


    2. I could look into developing a .net app that would allow you to launch exe’s and await their process to start prior to launching FSX.exe. Although I would not know if the launched app is processing any user interaction with it. I could prompt “Are you ready to launch FSX” and do so when confirmed.


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