193: Revised T210 AirSpeed Gauge

T210_AirSpeed_W1NThis is the enhanced gauge face of my Centurion T210 AirSpeed Indicator.  Not only it is less colorful but also incorporated with frame and screws graphics.   All existing features remain unchanged.

Current users are not required to send me notes for the download link.  Just click here or click the image on the right to download the new background directly.   Remember that the file must be saved and kept in the original *.bmp format.

To install, simply overwriting the old background with this new one will do.   Have fun!

24 thoughts on “193: Revised T210 AirSpeed Gauge

  1. Hi Tom!

    I like your site, I have got some useful info to reinstall and configure my FSX.
    Also I have Saitek FIP, and like to fly the Carenado’s Cessnas.
    So If it possible, please send me your gauges.


  2. Dear Tom I am a child of 12 years old and I’m very interested in FSX Now I would like it if you give me every Friday or Saturday a flight. It does not matter where. I live in Belgium and my English is not so good. It would also be nice if you could give me English words that I need on the plane.


    1. Hi Claudio,
      I don’t fly multiplayer. So I cannot fly with you on Friday or Saturday. However, you could easily find other who fly multiplayers on the internet.


  3. Tom, have you given thought to a program, or batch file, that would swap one set of gauges for another? For instance 172 gauges for CT210’s or maybe several different configurations depending on what airplane you intend to fly. I am gathering a nice number of gauges, including yours, that are getting hard to manage.

    Just a thought.

    Rick S,


    1. Hi Rick,
      I thought about that long time ago. It shouldn’t be difficult. But note that the swapping action is possible only after the gauges are unplugged.
      Let me think about that.


    1. Thank you Tim for raising the issue. Luckily that I don’t use the dangerous user name of “admin” mentioned in the article. Moreover, will take your advice to revise and enhance my password asap.


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