News: Orbx’s NA Southern Alaska Released

Orbx NA South AlaskaOrbx just released its NA Blue Southern Alaska addon.   Just placed my order and downloading the file.

Despite the fact that I am not fully satisfied with some of Orbx’s addons, this one is still worth waiting for to supplement one’s NA Blue and Tongass Fjord collections.

Do note that missions from FSX or other third parties may no longer be usable.   For example, the picture below shows a destination point in a mission which has been changed from originally a dock by the lake shore to a position now on the land where the water plane can never reach.   In other words, the mission will fail.

Orbx NA South Alaska 02

4 thoughts on “News: Orbx’s NA Southern Alaska Released

    1. Probably not since time is not allowed these days. However, after using it for a day, my general impressiion is that the product is consistent with the quality of the company’s prior NA addons. Quite good in general.


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