187: Adding New Gauges to FIP


Although my previous Post 28, Post 29 and Post 30 already talk about the basics, installation and tweaks for Saitek’s Flight Instrument Panel (FIP), there are still many friends asking for direct instruction on how my Centurion T210 gauges be installed.

So, here is a step-by-by tutorial in which I am using my Altimeter Gauge wide version as an example:

Download the T210 AlimeterW.rar from the link you received  —  Note that only subscribers of FSX Times are eligible to get my files (Edit: No More Available)

Unrar (unzip) the file and you will find the content as follows:


– the T210AlimeterW\gauges\T210_AltimeterW.xml  is the xml program for the Altimeter gauge
– the T210AlimeterW\gauges\1024  folder contains all the necessary images (*.bmp) for the gauge

Copy the T210_AltimeterW.xml to the Saitek Gauges folder as described below:

For systems using newer Saitek Drivers — The location is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\Gauges

For systems using older Saitek Drivers (as example shown here) — The location is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges


Copy all the gauge images (*.bmp) to the 1024 folder

On systems using newer Saitek Drivers:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin\Gauges\1024

On systems using older Saitek Drivers:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\1024

When copying is done,

On systems using newer Saitek Drivers, go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\ProFlight FSX Plugin

On systems using older Saitek Drivers (example here), go to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput


Open the SaiFlightSimX.xml with Notepad and you should see something similar to what is shown below:

Each <Gauge Timeout….></Gauge>  module defines a different gauge your FIP is using.

In order to use the  T210 Altimeter Gauge wide version, you can either:

Modify the original Altimeter gauge (line 52) with the following changes:

<Gauge Timeout=”100″ RootFolder=”Relative” File=“Gauges\T210_AltimeterW.xml”>


Create a whole new <Gauge Timeout….></Gauge>  module in this SaiFlightSimX.xml file, such as the example shown below:


The new gauge module could be added to the top (show up first) or to the end (show up last), or to any location among other gauges within the list.   The location of the new gauge module will define the order of its appearance when FIP is loaded.


For the installation of my other T210 gauges, the procedures are exactly the same.    One could also visit my previous Post 28, Post 29 and Post 30 for more information about the basics and tweaks for the FIPs.

67 thoughts on “187: Adding New Gauges to FIP

  1. I did the whole process however when I try to “save” the notepad file suddenly appears a message saying “access denied” so I can’t complete the procedure…do you how should I proceed then?



    1. I guess you are using Windows 10, which doesn’t allow modification to some files on system drive. You need to right-click on notepad and run it as administrator.
      Hope this help


  2. Dear Tom,
    I happily purchased all your 3 gauges.

    First thank you for your effort, second I hope that this paid produtcs will keep FSX Times up and running for long time, your contribution to our hobby is priceless.

    I purchased Integrated fuel gauge, Altimeter with VOR, and VS Indicator with ADF. Will you send a download link?

    Also, I dont have any replacement for C172 speed gauge. Can you please send your link, which one do you suggest? I also frequently fly Lancair Legacy from RealAir, which has a higher speed compared to 172 do you suggest any secondary speed gauge?

    Finally, my the default altimeter within Saitek is not working properly. On the ground it is correct, but after takeoff, for example Saitek altimeter shows 1000 feet, but the reel height (read on virtual cockpit) is 2500. Do you have any suggestion?

    Best regards,



    1. Hi Emre,

      Thanks very much for your kind words to FSX Times and the ordering. The links for the three new gauges and C172 ASI and Turn Coordinator have been sent to your mailbox.

      Not quite sure about the reason causing the problem to your existing default altimeter gauge. Probably the gauge’s xml file was somehow altered. Try reinstalling the gauge from the source again to see if the problem fixed.

      Also, you could check the result from my Altimeter gauge as well.

      Have fun with them,



  3. Hi Tom, could you please send me the sftware link for your interesting article about adding New gauges to Satek’s FIP?

    Herr Frei


  4. Dear Tom,
    I can’t subscribe to FSX Times …., I put email address in the box..but subscription to FSX Times has failed, please help, how can I download your great looking gauges !
    Thank you,


  5. Tom,
    I’m still a fairly newbie to fsx but have created a cockpit and have currently the 6 basic instrument gauges (have 3 more on the way for my cockpit) but would like to get the link that you have for the newer gauges. I also liked this blog as it makes it really easy to install the newer updates. Looking forward to reading more of what you are doing and also will be sending some photos of my fsx setup soon.



  6. Hi Tom,

    Many thanks – I’ll take a look. In the event I’m able to make anything happen I’ll send it along!

    Kindest Regards,



  7. Hi Tom,

    Many thanks for this website, an outstanding tutorial, and all your gauges for FIP!

    I’m a programmer myself and would like to have a go at making a full set of gauges for the c172 (or at least the ones you haven’t already done!) that don’t have the labels for the other functions down the side. Trouble is, I can’t find the SDK that Saitek seem to say they have. Is that what you use to create the gauges, or something else? Whatever it is – could you please tell me where to get hold of it??

    Many thanks, once again,



    1. Hi Ron,
      Glad to hear that you are planning to make a full set of gauges for the C172.
      No, there’s no SDK that Saitek claims they have for customers (the company always bluffing).
      What I did was based on the gauges (default and shared by others) and did a lot of trial and error. The FS Developer http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/index.php is a good site with a lot of information. Saitek’s user forum is good too http://www.saitekforum.com even though less and less people are sharing informatiion on it now. You should find many hints from both sites.
      Don’t forget to send me a copy of your C172 gauges. ;)


  8. Tom:
    Would you please send a download link for your gauges? I am building a “757” cockpit and plan to use the Saitek FIPs as stand by gauges. Thank you in advance.


  9. Would you please send me these instructions and links to download all you Gages. I am interested in learning how to make a new gage with maybe new parameters. I am trying the combat pilot series and for example would like to convert rpm to torque?


    1. Got it. The two you sent are on my plan already. But they are most likely be integrated with other gauges instead of a standalone one. Moreover, it will take awhile until I have time to work on them.


  10. Hi!
    I have downloaded your instruments and is very impressed!
    Do you have any plans to make additional engine instruments for c 210?


  11. I love the clarity of your gauges and would like to receive them if possible. They look so much better then the stock ones I am running.


  12. Hi Tom, i installed the FIP and everything work fine
    I am pilot and fly with Seaplane in COMO italy.www.aeroclubcomo.com
    If you come in italy don’t esitate to contact me for a fly around Como Lake


  13. Hi Tom
    I have problem to subscribe to fsx Times if possible for you to send by e-mail the link for downlod all FPI .You make very good job congratulation !!!!!



  14. Tom, I’m thinking about buying Shade but I’m put off by a couple of things – 1) everything appears darker (your Shade Shifter seems to address this issue) and 2) the difficulty of removing the program without causing problems to FSX. If I bought Shade could I download your Shade Shifter program. All the best, John


    1. Hi John, For 1), you can adjust it by following my instruction. For 2), Shade for FSX will only temporarily replace some default FSX files while enabled. My post mentioned about it. So your FSX should be safe.
      Should you want my Shade Shifter, just subscribe my blog will do.


  15. Tom,
    I’m the semi-proud owner of 12 new FIPs. To be a completely proud owner, I would love to have your gauge sets loaded. Could you send me a link? I’d really appreciate it! I’ve subscribed also!




      1. Hi Marc, you have to enter your email on the home page to subscribe to this blog first. This is required to get my downloads. Tom


      2. Hi Tom,

        I tried FSX Times and WorldPress home pages and I just do not see where I can enter my e-mail address…! Can you assist me please. Thanks!



      3. Hi Marc,
        There’s a “Subscribe to FSX Times” button on the right hand side column of my blog. Just enter your email after clicking the button will do.
        Anyway, have sent you the links by email.


  16. Dear Tom,
    I am also kindly asking for Your excellent FIP gauges to enjoy my new hardware Saiteks.Thank You so much for Your input and great FSX advisory You share !!!
    Best regards from Poland !


  17. Thank you Tom. Your gauges make the original ones look so dull and I love the way you made use of the dials for aileron and rudder trim. Learning how to program the buttons has been a huge benefit for customizing my dash.

    Thank you for your work.


  18. Another great info for those having problems with the install. I’m surprise that no one as came out with an installer that would do all this and modify the xml file also at the same time. Saitek maybe will smell the roses and create one!!!


    1. You are right, Mario. This should be somethings provided by Saitek. I am totally dispointed by their so-called customer care and services — they broke promises. I believe there are many other users out there having the same trouble with them. Anyway, I will never expect any support from them at all. Tom


  19. The ultimate tutorial for adding a FIP. These things take so much time to put together and then give away. I am contantly amazed at how much time we spend doing things for others. Thanks again. I use one or more of my TomT gauges on every flight.



    1. Thank you, Ray. You are right that it does take quite some time writing even such a simple tutorial. But I’ll be glad if someone could then make more fun to their FSX experience. Thanks for continuous support to FSX Times. Tom


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