News: Accu-Feel v2 Released

A2A Simulations’ Accu-Feel is a no stranger to most FSX players.   Just purchased its newly released version 2, which has a codename of Air, Land and Sea. Accu-Feel2

Compared to the last version, the new one not only enhances the controls of air and land interactions with aircrafts, but also adds supports to water planes.

Installation of the upgrade patch is a no-brainer, and its default settings already provides an impressive realistic effect.

I would say it is a must have for FSX since it does bring extra fun to any flightsim session.

NOTE: if DX error message is encountered during installation, simply ignore it if you already have the correct DX files.


Update: 11-Jan-2013
Rob mentioned in the comment section below that some users reported system crashes due to severe buffeting and turbulance.   Worth a note if fixes to be released.



8 thoughts on “News: Accu-Feel v2 Released

  1. At the A2A forum there are some posts suggesting some problems with the update. Those are severe buffeting and turbulance causing crashes. You’d have to read their forum to get the latest.


  2. You did it again Tom, thanks! I think this is going to be a must have but what about ezdok and opusfsx that are mentioned in the linked forum; looks like they might be another must have? Will you be checking them out too? Rick S


  3. I just watched there video and i must say it really looks good. There is sounds that seemed missing in FSX now are there with this software like in MS Flight when you open a door the sound in the cabin changed but not in FSX as much with this software even other sound on the ground and the turbulence in the air looks great.
    Does this have any effect on say FPS ?
    Thanks for the info Tom great stuff!!!!
    Another must have for my list!!!


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