186: FlyZone Switcher with Orbx EU

The FlyZone Switcher has been updated with Orbx EU area with an assigned code of EUF.   However, only simplified version will now be available.

Be reminded that proper preparations are required to ensure the cores files are in-sync with the new region as mentioned in my Post 155 to 159 and 161.

No new user request will be accepted for now.   ALL existing FlyZone Switcher users could notify me for the download link in the comment section below.   If you are using the version with France region, please mention it as well.

40 thoughts on “186: FlyZone Switcher with Orbx EU

  1. Hello Tom.

    I’ll like to try the FlyZone Switcher.
    Can you please send me a link?

    I received the C172 Gauges for the FIP.
    Real nice job.



  2. Dear Tom, I am joining my fore-writers with kind hope You could add me to the waiting-list for the Switcher (similarly as Mike, I am flying over all kind of scenery, incl. ORBX, FrancevFR, Horizon Gen X etc.). Thank You very much in advance !


  3. Hi Tom
    I have just purchased FTX_EU_England and found your Nov message re adding Orbx Eur zone. I am using the original full version of Flyzone Switcher and was hoping that you would expand on the 14 areas or make it customisable by end-users, but perhaps that is a step too far?
    I note that you have gone for the simplified version and I think I will follow your lead. I do have France VFR as well as FTX for NA, Aus, NZNI & NZSI and now Europe but I also have photoscevery versions of UK and a mixed Vector LandClass/Photoscenery version of NZ so life gets more complicated!
    Could I have the download link for the OrbxEUR version please to give it a try?
    I appreciate the work you have put into this switcher as it is complicated and I guess can never totally satisfy all wishes but a great effort!


    1. Hi Mike,
      Just sent you the link for the FlyZone Switcher update that includes FTX EU and France. I understand your concern but at the moment, self-customization isn’t possible. Backup your previous version before update just in case you need it.


  4. Hi Tom: possible to get the latest version of fly zone switcher, I have version 1.1 and I can’t get it to work with orbex england.


  5. Hi, I read you created one program much better than ORBX library, if its possible send to me in my email to I try here, will thanks a lot.


  6. Hi Tom, thanks for your quick work. Please send me the link for the new version of FSX-Times with integrated ORBX England.

    Greetings from Germany : Heiner


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