183: Orbx EU ENG with UK2000 Airports

A few photos of UK2000 Airports under Orbx EU England landscape.



The following two photos compare the Birmingham airport under Orbx EU England and Playhorizon VFR UK.

Either one has its pros and cons. The former renders a messy autogen composition and blurry ground texture, where the latter is sharper and more realistic but lacks of 3D objects — even though one can further install Treescapes to improve overall 3D effects.

Birmingham under Orbx EU ENG
Birmingham under VFR UK

10 thoughts on “183: Orbx EU ENG with UK2000 Airports

  1. I shall be converted to Orbx when (at least) cities will be convincing. Their London is a disaster. FS is and should stay an open system. Thanks to developers (free- and payware) you can manage to improve airports and cities to your convenience. You have even got FSTiles or similar software to add photo scenery where you miss it. With FTX Global, Orbx is in charge with only their own add-ons compatible with their own texture system, or only the ones they decided to welcome (such UK2000). And you are out with some of the best such as Earth Simulations, or the next New York by this telented Polish designer. I feel freer with Gex World or even Open VFR autogen than with FTX Global, which is more a u-topia, just as X-Plane sceneries, than a realistic rendition of the world. BTW, you still need FS Altitude, Mega scenery or similar to fly high, while in VFR, you aren’t in “your” world. Tom is right, it is another approach, more complicated … at a loss. Cheers. Bernard.


  2. I’m just about to instal fly zone switcher you sent me a while ago as I have had hardware issues recently I have just reinstalled everything , how is the switcher going? Is it worthwhile doing I have a lot of scenery? Wayne. Any guides for the future on its operation or review :) Cheers Wayne.


    1. Hi Wayne, I am the developer of this Flyzone Switcher. Of course I will say it is ok. You can find many posts about it from my blog. However, the most important thing is whether you want to take this approach or not because its setup is more complicated.


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