182: Orbx EU England – A Disappointment

Just installed Orbx’s EU England and flew a few places around.   All I can say is: a disappointment — even though it is still a good one.

Compared to the UK VFR I have, Orbx’s EU England is artificial and primitive.

The scenery, very likely, can be further enhanced by future airports and addons they develop, according to the company’s usual practices.   However, these addons will surely pull a lot of money from our pockets — just look at those never-ending NA airports.

Really don’t have the mood to further discuss it.    Take a look at the images below and judge them by yourself.

These 6 images are from Orbx’s EU England:

These 4 images are from VFR UK:

13 thoughts on “182: Orbx EU England – A Disappointment

  1. If all you do is daytime VFR in a static season then VFR Gen X is the better choice for visual fidelity. I much prefer the changing seasons and also the night lighting during night flying on instruments though so Orbx is just fine for my needs.


  2. Can you have London city scenery by Aerosoft with Orbx eu, and I have UK VFR can I use that with ORB X EU or is it one or the other, just untick the one you don’t want to use? Thanks Tom.


    1. Hi Wayne, you can only use either UK VFR or Orbx EU Eng. They cannot be used together.
      For Aerosoft’s London City, if you have incorporated it with UK VFR, it is not compatible with Orbx EU.
      I am testing it without UK VFR. Will get back if it can be used with Orbx EU later.


  3. It seems as though PNW, EU etc are the “bait” and the airports for these area’s are the “hook” where the real ca$h is made. Thanks for the comparison Tom.


    1. REX is for weather and atomospheric setting. Nothing to do with the scenery addon.
      VFR UK is on-top of UTX-GEX. So they are compatible but really you don’t see much difference. I don’t use UTX-GEX for this region.


  4. You’re not comparing apples to apples here. Orbx knowingly trades off accurate ground textures (outside of specific photoreal areas) for the ability to include full seasonal and 3D objects support. VFR UK takes advantage of high-res and accurate real-world aerial imagery but you’ll always ever fly in “summer” and have limited support for 3D objects.


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