179: FlyZone Loadup Time

Some people question whether reconfiguring the FSX system for the FlyZone approach worths the effort?    Followings are the flight session load up times I recorded on my system for Orbx scenery areas.    All autogens, AI Traffic and scenery are set to the same level with preload disabled.

The time saved doesn’t seem a lot?

Because all my other 100 something sceneries for Asia, America, Europe, UK, etc. are excluded from above setups.   Many of them are complex and take quite some time to load.    If I include all these 100 something addons to above scenery.CFG, the average flight session load up time is easily gone up double or even triple or more.

I have no intention to hard-sell the FlyZone Approach.   The worthiness of it depends very much on one’s own scenery complexity and requirements.    It does suit me well, not to mention the extra flexibility and security that it brings.

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