177: Move on to the12.8 Radeon Driver

After I downgrading to Radeon 11.x driver for nearly 5 months, AMD finally released a good enough 12.x driver for the FSX.   It is also the choice of Samy Fay who recommended the driver in a comment about his crossfire setup a week ago.

I wouldn’t say the new driver boosts the FSX’s performance obviously.   Also my observation is subjective.   However, my FSX running under this 12.8 version does give me an impression that it is above the overall level of the last 11.12.

My 3D Application Settings for the new driver is the same.   Also, I continue to have the OpenGL

Settings disabled to avoid conflicts with the TrackIR mentioned in Post 150.   (I have a few times don’t recall why I have the OpenGL disabled until I encounter the TrackIR issue again when I switch it on.)

Very likely that I will tweak my fsx.CFG a bit with this driver to see if additional improvements can be sought.

For anyone who hasn’t upgraded their display driver for a long time as I did, perhaps it is time to move on to a good new driver.

4 thoughts on “177: Move on to the12.8 Radeon Driver

  1. Thanks Tom for your information and endorsement of this driver. It appears to be helping my lower end computer keep up with the memory problems. Will find out more when I get a plane into the air later today.


  2. Hi Tom,

    Downloaded and installed this driver last week on my new Sim PC Thank you for posting the settings which I will check later. Finally decide on my new rig. Got the parts last week and have started installing the software again. SSD is great and PC startup is slow compared to Windows :) Will mail you specs and pics once got it setup. Is it handy to install FSX outside of Program Files directory ?

    Regards, Hans


    1. Yes, installing FSX onto a different drive or directory is pretty simple. I am having the FSX on a separate SSD from the Windows OS.
      Just specify the locatiion during installation will do. Then all addons will detect it.


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