173: Centurion T210 Gauges Wide Version

Up to now, I have created 5 gauges (AirSpeed, Altimeter, Attitude, RPM and Vertical Speed) for the Centurion T210.

As mentioned, the wide version (260 x 240) of the previously released Attitude, RPM and Vertical Speed gauges have been revised and ready for download.

Any subscriber of this blog could send me a request for the download links via the COMMENTS section below.   Edit: These Gauges are no more available.

For the next release, it will take a longer while as the creation of these gauges are quite exhausting.   Also, I would like to work on some other topics too.    But I will keep doing it for the Centurion T210 and then other aircrafts, such as C340.

109 thoughts on “173: Centurion T210 Gauges Wide Version

  1. HI, if you could send me all T210m gauges i don´t use FIP Saitek only include the gauges in Panel.ini, i nedd EGT,FUEL, ETC gauges. if you can help ! TKU


  2. Hi Tom,
    I’m a new subscriber and I really like your gaugework, and informative posts on FSX.
    Can you please send me the links for the wide version of 210 and 172 gauges?



  3. Hi Tom, can you send me the link to the 173: Centurion T210 Gauges Wide Version gauges?
    As always, I’m am so appreciative of what you provide for the FS community and I’m glad to see you’ve decided to start charging for your new gauges. I fully support you on that move and hope it will keep you doing what you do for the rest of us for many years to come!


  4. Tom,
    Grateful if you can send me a link for the 173: Centurion T210 Gauges Wide Version please if you can.
    P.s will buy your new gauges when they are available as they look awesome!


  5. Hi Tom,

    Received your T210 gauge which I must say is absolutely wonderfull.

    May I ask did I get the wide screen version and if not may I have it please.
    I also think that adding the Parking brake light has just made it perfect.

    Thank you for these great panels/gauges



  6. Hi Tom, i’m a new subscriber and it’s really nice work. Can you send the links for the wide version of t210 and 172 gauges?



  7. Hi Tom,
    Really nice job on those gauges. Could you send them to me please. Would love to give them a try since I fly the Centurion a lot as well.



  8. Hello,Can i get these gauges please. They look way better than anything else i seen online. Keep up the good work .)


  9. Hello Tom, very nice gauges you have done.
    Can you send me gauges for 172 and T210 via e-mail?
    Thanks very much,

    Best regards from Portugal



      1. A big thank you! can you send me a link to download Centurion T210 gauges? Sorry for my english, I’m french :-)


      1. Sorry for the previous message I just said thank you. I’ve installed yesterday and it greatly improves the visual
        Can we start the engines of an aircraft by programming button FIP?


      2. I see and you are welcome. Yes, you can do it by changing one of your button to execute the “ENGINE_AUTO_START” command. And you can also assign another button to execute “ENGINE_AUTO_SHUTDOWN” command to stop it.


  10. Hello,
    Your gauges look fantastic and you should get paid as consultants by SAITEK! I would like to try download How?



  11. very nice gauges
    is it possible put this gauges in any aircraft with one motor
    cessna ….
    i am french
    my english isn’t very good
    peut on mettre ce tableau de bord sur un avion monomoteur


    1. Yes, my gauges are good for cessna too even though a few of them, such as the Speed gauge, are not exactly the same.
      To get my files, you have to subscribe to my blog first. You should be able to find the “Subscribe Now” button on the right hand side column of my blog. Tom


  12. Tom,

    They are just great works! May I have a link to download them? BTW, are you interested in developing FIP gauges for RealAir Turbin Duke? More fun flying with a pressurized twin turbine prop.




  13. hi Tom, i’m sorry but ichanged my computer and lost your gauges…could you send me another time gauges please.great job again , i miss them…


    1. Hi KHv,
      You don’t need to open an WordPress account to follow my blog. Instead, you should enter your email address from the [Subscribe Now] button which is on the right hand column on my blog. This I can see your subscription status quicker.
      The gauges have been sent to your mailbox. Have fun with them.


  14. Hi Tom,

    Looks like you are doing some good work, and clearly a number of informative posts. I would very much appreciate the link to these lovely gauges. Thanks in advance!


    1. Surely can, Jean. They should be in your mailbox now.
      BTW, thanks for sending over your cockpit photo. But I still need the ICAO code for the airport closest to your location. Please reply to my email.


  15. Great work! You’ve succeeded in an area I’ve always wanted to try but it seemed a bit over my head. Would love to try yours. I know they are for T210 but who makes the aircraft? I have a Carenado but didn’t know where you may have purchased or downloaded your model from. Thanks!


    1. Hi Kevin, the gauges are for Carenado’s T210. Surely, they are not 100% replica because of the physical spec of FIPs. Also, I want to (and plan to) pack a few more gauge components to my limited number of FIPs as well. The links have been sent to you by email.


      1. Hi Phil, Don’t see your name on the subscriber list. Anyway, have sent you the links of the gauges you request. Do subscribe by entering your email on the home page of my blog in order to get future updates when available.


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