171: Centurion T210 AirSpeed Gauge

Actually I am working on the other story about how to create/modify aircraft liveries.    Since this AirSpeed gauge finishes first, so I have it posted first.   Also, tonight is a blue moon, which worths to do something special.

This new gauge uses a bigger image format (260 x 240) than the standard (240 x 240) size.

Since the extra space on both sides are good for adding additional gauge components when I am planning for its upgrade in the future, this format will be the standard for all my works from now on.   Moreover, the new form-factor looks to be more balanced on the FIP, too.

Wide format version of previous gauges will be available soon.

In addition, the new gauge also comes with the Overspeed and Stall warning signs.   They will appear when respective situation happens.

As the image shown, either warnings comes with both small and big signs.    Personally, I like them both appearing at the same time.   However, either the small set or the big set can be turned off if desired.

My next project on the gauges is Altimeter.  It is more exciting and is under beta testing.    Here’s a preview image of it.

Subscribers of this blog can send me a request for the download link via the COMMENTS section below.

Others who aren’t subscribers yet could enter their emails and press the [Click Me to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber first.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

39 thoughts on “171: Centurion T210 AirSpeed Gauge

  1. Hi Tom,

    Wonderful work on the gauges, i was planing to do the real air beechcraft duke gauges set but i never find out how to create new gauges for fip, but watching your work with the centurion which is a beautiful addon as well i would be really gratefull if you could send me a copy of the centurion gauges.
    Thanks in advance for a great work



  2. Hello Tom, I like the looks of your Centurion T210 airspeed gauge. I like to try to use it in my customized Baron 58 with FP-panel.
    Please allow me to download it by sending me the download link.
    Thanks on forehand … Henk Henedu


  3. Hi Tom, thank you for your blog & all your help. I would appreciate it if you could send me all of the Centurion 210 and the Cessna 172 gauges. I have 7 new FIPs ready for use & with luck, I found you. Thank you & I look forward to your reply.


  4. Hi Tom, Would it be possible to download some of these gauges? I’m an avid fan of your blog but only recently purchased an FIP so I am keen to try out your work.

    Best Wishes



  5. Hi Tom,
    The airspeed guage looks great, as do all your other gauges, i would love to try them all, but will start with the airspeed and work up. I would appreciate it if you could send me the files
    Thanks for all the continued great work


  6. Would it be possible to get your series of guages…Just purchased 6 of these and would like to have something nicer than the default.

    Thank you…


  7. Hi Tom, love your work!

    Would love to try the new airspeed indicator if I can?

    I will have to take some pics of my cockpit setup to show you sometime,


    1. Hi Peter, The new AirSpeed Gauge for T210 Centurion has been sent to you by email. If you just want either the big set or the small set of the warning signs, you can delete the corresponding codes
      at the end of the T210_AirspeedW.xml file.
      Yes, do send your pics over.


  8. Tom,

    Your newest Airspeed gauge must be the absolute best yet. I really like the slightly larger size and it is crystal clear. Also like thin needle and the digital readout – It could be a little larger for the old folks with weak eyesight.



    1. Yes, my intention is to use larger format and bigger fonts. It’s good for my eyes too. ;)

      Regarding the digital readout, I thought about using a bigger font. But I found the current size looks more balance on the gauge and won’t attract focus too much from the rest of the gauge. Anyway, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind when I am doing the update for the gauge in the future.



  9. This is just fantastic Tom, You must have read my mine, I was always wondering if it could be bigger and you did. Those warning are GREAT!!!!
    I still stand by my quote “Saitek should be paying Tom for the work”
    Again Thanks and Great work!!!!


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