Confidentiality — Nonsense !

With the help from Bill Leaming, Tom Gibson and Vololiberista at who answered my question about “How to create BMP files for masking purposes” for FIP gauges, I have finally figured out how to create such *.bmp files in the first place.

It is so simple that I just need to:

  • Fill the image file (to be used as a mask) with RGB color=1,1,1 or web color=010101;  then
  • Save the file in either 1, 24, or 32-bit format.

That’s it!    I tried various methods and it turns out that I was just a step behind the door.   Sometimes you just need a twist to get you there.

Regarding my complaint against Saitek — Yes, that is the information I would expect from the company.

What a shame that the Saitek EU technical guy, Gabriel Constantinescu, replies and claims such information as “privileged and confidential to the company” and cannot release it to a loyal customer who asks for a little support.   And irresponsibly says that “we are unable to provide instruction on creating gauges to customers.”

Either he is totally ignorance or the department has rotten by bureaucracy !

Case Closed !



2 thoughts on “Confidentiality — Nonsense !

  1. So has anyone taken a USB analyser and read the FIP’s USB traffic ? That’s one sure way of working things out – bet it be easy to write an open source replacement for their director output thing. EVEN BETTER find out how talk to the FIP and write a FSX or FSUIPC module that lets you get full control.


  2. Thanks to those like yourself are helping others in this community of flyers to make this hobby even more pleasing and to help those with limited technical know how!!!

    As we share ideas it helps all of us grow and be more enjoyable.

    Thanks guys for helping Tom!!!!


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