What’s the Point of Confidentiality ?

Although I’ve created quite some gauges for Saitek’s FIP, I still can’t figure out completely the correct format for the bmp files used as masks for the gauges.

Besides researching the answer from the internet and exploring the result through different programs, I also wrote to Saitek for help.    I wish that I hadn’t done so because the reply from the company’s UK technical support team is a total disappointment:

We are unable to offer this information as it is privileged and confidential.  We are unable to provide instruction on creating gauges to customers.

Frankly, even without this information, we users are still able to create our own gauges.   It may take a bit more time and need some alternative methods to deal with the masking files.

So really I can’t understand the point of such confidential information to the company !

Do they know that the more custom gauges we create, the more potential (new and old) customers we help attract for them ?

Are they afraid that by releasing such information to customers will make us their competitors ?

Darn !


9 thoughts on “What’s the Point of Confidentiality ?

  1. This is not a recent phenomenon. Had similar problems last year. I figured they were going to get out of the FIP biz, Then MadCatz got involved, but they didn’t provide any tech help either, at least back then.


    1. I don’t think I am over-reacted. It’s just a simple request and look at all those Saitek stuff I have purchased. And obviously I am not the only one ending up in this situation with the company.


  2. And yet they provide the SDK so users can play around their gauges, Go Figures!!!!

    Tom is doing a wonderful job and spend a lot of time on those gauges, a lot more people are attracted to buy those gauges so I think Saitek should pay Tom for advertising for them!!!!

    Keep up the great work Tom!!!


  3. They (Saitek) more than likely do not.
    Was actually thinking more along the line of us guys figuring it all out on how to g about it.

    Also have to concur with Ray that this not a very wise way of doing business.
    They rather should stimulate these sort of efforts by means dedicated fora were we can exchange these gauges. The more there are the bigger the change the sell these FIPs like slided bread.


  4. Tom, I totally agree that is really not a smart business model for Saitek to use with the FIP gauges. Maybe they will wake up and see the light soon.

    Meanwhile, could I have a download of your latest Attitude and VSI gauges with your latest additions? Are you planning on making a Manifold Pressure guage or maybe a combo MP and RPM for your T210?

    I also would like to see the text you are using in the SaiFlightSim.xml file. I don’t see how the name in this file relates to the corresponding Gauge xml file.

    Your gauges sure are an improvement over the ‘overly protected Saitek ‘ standard issue.



    1. Exactly, we are helping them to promote their products. Also, not all users understand how to enhance the usage of these gauges. Perhaps they don’t care.
      Yes, those manifold and pressure gauges are on my list — even without the information from the company !
      Please see the download link from the email I sent you.


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