170: Gauge Obsession

Have been obsessed in creating and modifying gauges for my Saitek Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) lately.    Just couldn’t help doing it one by one again.

Here’s the Attitude and Vertical Speed meters for Centurion T210 again.   Actually they were modified not too long ago.   Moreover, even they are tagged for Centurion T210, the gauges can be used on other aircrafts as well.

Enhancement to the new Attitude Indicator is the inclusion of the Aileron and Rubber Trim functions.   Users can use the two knobs of the FIP to ajust the trim values as desired.

By modifying the FIP buttons as follows, users can reset both trim values quickly, when needed.

<Button Id="5" Name="A-Trim" Event="AILERON_TRIM_SET"/>
<Button Id="6" Name="R-Trim" Event="RUDDER_TRIM_SET"/>

For the Vertical Speed Indicator, Elevator Pitch Trim function and Flap Position indicator are added to it.

In particular, a Digital Display is also added to provide precise vertical speed information.    This is my favorite.

Similarly, the elevator pitch can be reset quickly with the following command assigned to an FIP button.

<Button Id="2" Name="P-Trim" Event="ELEVATOR_TRIM_SET"/>

As always, subscribers of my blog can send me a request for the download link via the COMMENTS section below.

Others who aren’t subscribers yet could enter their emails and press the [Click Me to Subscribe] button on the right hand column to become a subscriber first.   Otherwise, requests will be ignored.

It’s Friday and a good time to play something new.

58 thoughts on “170: Gauge Obsession

  1. Hi

    I’m very interrest to modify the BroncoCargo Attitude gauge with your
    Attitude and Vertical Speed gauge for Centurion T210. So that it will be easier to read it.
    Please send me the attitute and verticle speed gauges. Many Thanks!


  2. Hi Tom,

    I´m very satisfied with your C172 Gauge Collection in my Fips and I would like to try the C210 Attitude gauge instead of the default one? Possible to send me that?

    Cheers, Stephan


      1. Hi Tom,

        thank you very much! Now it looks really good! I didn´t know, that the Fips are working together with A2A, but the do it fine! I´ve just bought the C182 and everything is working as it should – thanks again! Hope to find time to fly the new baby home from KCEA to EDDL…


        Happy landings,


  3. Hi Tom,

    Have just started playing with FSX after a layoff of over a couple of years. I’m a keen customiser, particularly of the Cessna aircraft, that includes writing new gauges and panels and customising existing ones.

    I’ve just bought a set of Pro Flight kit (yolk,quadrant,multi-panel,switch-panel,instrument panel,pedals,stand,etc.,) and was wondering if the Instrument Panel could be programmed by the end user. My searches turned up this blog and WOW! Excellent work !

    All I need to do is to wait for my kit to arrive

    Please could you send me the link to the gauges too ?




    1. Hi Dave, Welcome joining FSX Times. Sorry to hear about your job status but there’s always a silver lining.
      The links for C172 have been sent to you by email. Should be in your mailbox now.
      Do inform me what you have customized if any in the future. I’ll be interested to know too.


  4. Tom, awesome webpage. Looking to get the Carenado C340 twin, but love your gauges. If you are interested I make scenery for free use. I’d love to grab your C172/C210 gauges.


    1. Hi Scott, just sent you the gauges for the C172 and C210. Normally I request people to subscribe to my blog first.
      You’re an exception since you are sharing free stuff in the FSX arena. And sure, I am interested to find out more of your scenery works, if possible.
      Have fun.


  5. Tom,

    In another Comment Section, I wondered if the T210 Attitude Indicator would be designed for the C172. Now I understand the T210 can be used also for the C172.
    So, would you send me the link? Thanks!


  6. Hi Tom,
    I just tried the C172 gauges set you posted on Sept. 13 . They are great. Now I would be delighted if I could have an Attitude Indicator. Could you send me a download link for the Centurion T210 Attitude Indicator.
    It’s raining again in LSGS.
    Thanks and best regards,


  7. Hi Tom,

    Just became a new subscriber a couple of days ago, took a while because apparently all of you get a lot of spam, anyway it worked in the end.
    Would love to check out the Attitude and Vertical Speed meters for the centurion T210.
    I am trying to get around programming the FIP’s with little luck so far, but I just started.
    Your Gauges might be of help in my learning process and they look great.



    1. Hi Jos,
      Don’t see your subscription info. Do ensure to enter your email from my blog, not create a WordPress account or follow my blog from your WordPress account. BTW, I don’t do spam.


      1. Hi Tom,
        Sorry, forgot to activate my subscription, it’s done now.
        The spam I talked about is not you sending it but according to the support team who helped me getting a subscription to this site, told me they were receiving a lot of spam so they had to disable the automatic subscription. Anyway, I should be subscribed now.
        Thanks, Jos.


      2. Hi Tom,

        I just acquired a new desktop computer + the full range of Saitek hardware (6 gauges).
        I love what you do with the gauges and i’ll die to get your Vertical Speed Indicator including the trimmer function and flap position indicator!!!

        I also could use an rpm gauge.

        Hope you can send me the downloads and i’ll try to install without having to bother you again.

        Thanks for sharing your work!

        Laurent (new impressed subscriber)


  8. Tom,

    Im very interested in learning to develope my own gauges. The ones youve created here look astonishing, but I’m more interested in creating gauges that more closely resemble the aircraft instruments in the aircraft I fly. Do you have anywhere I could get some help in starting out with this daunting task? Also could I download your gauges as a sort of starting point in creating my own gauges?


      1. Hey Tom,

        Sorry about that. Thought I went through all the steps to follow the blog. I think I got it figured out now. I will definitely check out the saitek forums. Thanks again!


  9. Hi Tom,
    Really enjoy your hints & tips, could I have the link to your gauges.

    One question, I am thinking of getting more gauges (1 so far) can each gauge be set up for a different default panel or do you have to set up each FIP every time you boot up?


    1. Hi Mike, when you have more than one FIP, you could load the gauges up in the order as you want so that they could match up with the panel you choose. Search my posts regarding FIPs.
      The link have been sent to you.


  10. Hi Tom, one time more a gauge that seems to be very intresting for me. Can you send me the link?
    How many gauges did you have already done?



  11. I only have one Saitek gauge so far and would like to put it to better use than the stock gauges.

    The “Attitude” and “Vertical Speed” meters would make a nice Christmas gift if you please.



  12. They look really nice Tom. I want to try them! Can you please send me the link to download all T210 gauges? Many Thanks and good job!


  13. Hey Tom these look great is there anyway you can make one as just a complete 737 flap gauge ??? With the round dial and 40 degree of increments ? That would be amazing.


  14. Good morning, Tom. I have been in awe at your beautifully functional Saitek FIP panels, and would be very grateful to be allowed to download some of them – in particular, the two shown above. Thank you very much!


  15. The pitch indicator as well especailly when I use my beamer to fly.
    playing around with gauges can become an obsession indeed
    but it is good fun.


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